Dear Friends,

If negotiating "game time" with your kids feels like an ongoing battle, you're not alone. In a poignant guest blog post, Fielding Graduate University's Starshine Roshell shares a story many parents will relate to. She writes,

"Outwardly — in dinner conversations, on social media, at girls’ nights — I go all frothy-mouthed about gun control, all soapbox-y on the nefarious NRA, all high-horsey over our nation’s sick obsession with firearms. But in a dimly lit corner of my home, probably even as you read this,  my sweet 12-year-old son   who still orders off the kids’ menu  is entertaining himself by assassinating animated strangers with a digital assault rifle..." (Read the entire post here). 

We also offer you a handy downloadable infographic about "8 Online Games Kids Love" that also provides the very important age ratings for each one .

And we're very honored to include the first in a new series of posts called "Periscope Up" (more on this below) from Fielding Graduate University's Dr. Jason Ohler.

Good luck with your parenting game!

Your Friends at Cyberwise