Let's get this Game Time started!
Thursday, April 2nd
2:00PM - 3:00PM
#ChooseHappiness - Drew's Game Time Video
Here's how it will go:
1. Download the App Houseparty on your smartphone, tablet or computer before we meet. The game is free to download and use.
 c. If playing on your computer, the App must be played on Google Chrome.    Click this link to play on your computer and log in
 d. You can also download the App at the App store or Google Play store on your smartphone or tablet by typing in Houseparty in the search bar
e. Connect with me on Houseparty before Game Time
2. Join Zoom Meeting (this will allow us to see and hear each other)
3. In the chat function of the Zoom meeting, put your name and game request once the class is live. 
a. Games are: Chips and Guac (different version of Apples to Apples), Heads Up!, Trivia, Quick Draw!
b. Try playing the games with your family to get an idea of how the app and games work
c. We will vote on which game to play first. 
d. We will have time for every game at least once
4. Go on Houseparty app.  I will invite participants for each game to join me.
a. For some games we can play in separate groups
b. If you are not playing in a game, keep yourself on mute while listening to other people playing. When it is your turn to play unmute yourself
c. The chat function in Zoom is a great tool to cheer on your friends and talk with your friends during games!

Upcoming Online Class
Online Karaoke Meetup
DATE: Friday, April 3rd
TIME: 1:00PM - 2:00PM
LOCATION:  Join Zoom Meeting

  Do you need help?
No problem!  
Drew is happy to help walk you through the steps.  
We can even do a test run!