Good news! The league proposal to allow parents to attend home games as been approved by our league and the school district.

Beginning March 23rd we have the OK to allow two adults for each player on a team’s roster to attend home games. This is for all our sports programs. Each spectator will need to complete an online attestation before entering the game. Here’s the process:

  • The Athletic Department will send an email to between 8am and 9am the day of the contest to the families of the athletes on the roster for that day’s game/match/meet. 
  • The email will be sent using the contact information from FamilyID. The sender will be “Tahoma High School (notifications@FamilyID)
  • The email will have a link to a google survey (the attestation) that they must fill out that day in order to attend the contest. 
  • Only 2 spectators are allowed to attend per athlete. 
  • An email response will be sent and if they are approved they need to bring the email for entry. You can show email off of your phone or paper copy.
  • Gates will open for seating 45 minutes before the game.
When you arrive at the stadium, we will have rosters of the players participating in that evening’s game. They will check the email attestation and confirm how many adults are there for each athlete. If for some reason, the parent didn’t get a chance to fill out the survey ahead of time, we will check the roster to see that no one has tried to enter, then give them a paper attestation to fill out. (This would be our last resort and time consuming).
The players are looking forward to seeing you in the stands on Friday night.

Tony Davis
Tahoma HS
Athletic Director/Associate Principal

This weeks Schedule:

  • Tuesday-Thursday
  • Meetings and practice at 4:00-6:45pm

  • Friday
  • Freshman practice 3:30-5:00pm at THS
  • Varsity Dinner will be provided starting at 4:30 at Maxwell Stadium