SCW Spotlite: Issue 7
July 15, 2019
Enjoy this biweekly buzz about all things fitness. Fitness Pros are always on the go, so we’ll leave the “Lite” on!
Gamification with Myzone at MANIA®
Looking for a way to deliver experiences that better empower, drive, and reward your members for their effort? Learn from Myzone about how gamification can help engage clients/members with some friendly, healthy competition.
Take Your Workout From the Gym to the Honky-Tonk!
Country Fusion
Country music is one of the fastest growing genres around and now there’s a workout program that can open you up a whole new lifestyle! Learn about a program that allows you to take the line dances you learn in class out to the country fest or local honky-tonk.
A New Way to Discover Health & Fitness in Your City
Whether you’re in your hometown or exploring a new city, Fitt is your go-to guide for finding the best healthy restaurants, fitness studios, outdoor adventures, and events nearby. Explore the Fitt website or app to find your city's top gyms, juice bars, hikes, run routes, and more.
Elevate Your Instructor Value Through SMR Classes
Self-Myofascial Release (SMR) by foam rolling is a technique that can be used to reduce or eliminate trigger points in the muscles while enhancing fitness performance. However, for many, foam rolling is boring, time consuming, and confusing…if they do it on their own. See how you can teach your class how to regain mobility and flexibility in a structured, fun way through self-myofascial release (SMR).
Soft Skills for Hard Bodies
Nathalie Lacombe
For most of us fitness is not only our career but also our passion, our pastime, and how we define our identity. We chose to work in this fitness industry that is incredibly fulfilling and relies heavily on relationship building. Learn from SCW Presenter Nathalie Lacombe about the importance of taking time to reflect on our various work relationships to determine how we are contributing to their success or lack thereof.
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