May 2019


Our huge garage sale will be held in the Sacajawea Middle School cafeteria on Thursday through Saturday, June 27-29. We will be setting up on Monday through Wednesday, June 24-26. Hours will be 8:00-3:30 each day. We'll be tearing down on Saturday from 3:30-5:00. We can use many helpers on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday as we are setting up. Then we could use a smaller number of helpers to assist during the sale. On Saturday, from 3:30-5:00, we need LOTS of helpers! Last year we had 40-50 people helping, and it only took about 1 1/2 hours. Please send us an email to let us know if you are available to help any of those times.

We are taking clothing donations at 30020 2nd Ct. S., Federal Way. Please leave them on the covered porch (you'll find donation receipts there), or in front of the garage if it isn't raining. We bought sixteen 5' racks to help us hang more clothes, so feel free to leave clothes on hangers. We can also take boxes of hangers if you want to donate those. Please sort out the "Clothes for the Cause" items (torn, stained, etc.) from the garage sale items and bag them separately. Mark those bags with "CFC" or "Clothes for the Cause." If possible, please hold the non-clothing items until Monday, June 24. If you need to drop those sooner, please let us know and we will take them. We're not able to take any large furniture items due to space.  If anyone has a small covered trailer we could use for storage until the garage sale, please let us know.
Please stop by during the sale to say hi or to pick up something fun. Thanks for your support!

A training was held in Pt Shepstone a few days prior to the riots we shared about in our last message to you.  Thandy reports: "The mood of the Murchison community on the morning of the May 16th was dark as we arrived for our R4L training. An older woman had been shot dead with her 25-year-old daughter at a nearby village, Oshabeni, where seven new Peer educators stay. The community was angry and organizing a riot to hunt down the criminals who killed these two women. Such crimes are normal as many young people break into people's homes in need of money to buy drugs. The riot made it hard for the training to start on time as taxis were not driving on normal routes, trying to avoid being stoned and burnt by the angry community mob. We picked up people so they could attend the training. This sad situation confirms the need for behavioural change programs in these communities. Young people and pastors came from Bhobhoyi village, Madlala village, Gamalakhe township, Mkholombe village, Zotsha village, Murchison, and Oshabeni village. They are happy to have received the formal training and most have started going to schools with the existing team."  Thank you to Two Tunics, who is funding the work in this area. Pictured here are program director Thandeka KaMavundla-Nzama (Thandy) and coordinator Melusi Khwela, who is being presented with a speaker to assist at assemblies.

Biblica directors from Southern Africa, Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, and Ethiopia spent time with Thandy and the team in Johannesburg, sharing ministry ideas and hearing about how the Reach4Life ministry is being carried out in the Southern African region. We work closely with Marius Brand, who is Biblica's Southern Africa Regional Director & Global Reach4Life Coordinator. He has been instrumental in ensuring that the Reach4Life Bibles are ordered, transported from overseas, and then delivered in country.  We appreciate all of his hard work for the ministry!  (See article below.)     

We have taken delivery of 30,000 Bibles in Johannesburg and another 20,000 Bibles in Harrismith. Johannesburg then distributes them on to central, northern and western points, and Harrismith delivers to eastern and southern points. We appreciate Biblica's help in arranging transport to the two main hub locations.  

Our Peer Educators had the back-breaking job of getting the books into storage. The Soweto (Johannesburg) office is on the 3rd floor, with no elevator! "It takes a village" goes the saying, and that was certainly the case here. We're grateful that some of our strong Peer Educators cheerfully came out to help. They got the job done!   (We wish we could transport them here to help with the garage sale!)


Khayelisha Care, who we support through child sponsorships and general support, advised that they are closing their palliative care unit. They had been sharing government support for that unit with Philanjalo hospice, which now cannot survive without using all of the funds themselves. Khayelisha will continue to foster children and do community ministry, so this does not affect child sponsorships or general support. At the same time, the "White Door" project, which provides shelter for victims of domestic and gender based violence, has asked Khayelisha to assist them. Additionally, the Dept. of Education is planning to use Khayelisha as a day care center for handicapped children, which should come under government funding. Another possible future partnership is with a traveling clinic who has a "toy library" that does childhood education while patients are attending the (bus) clinic. This would also provide an opportunity for Bible teaching at the same time. Please pray for these changes - for wisdom in making decisions and that transitions and funding will go smoothly.

Thanks to all of our supporters for coming out to our auction! With some additional generous monetary donations, we raised a little over $16,000. (A few items are still in the process of being sold on ebay or Craigslist.)  Kim Ives was the winner of the $500 Costco gift card! We appreciate all of those who helped set up, assisted during the auction, and helped with cleaning up afterward. We also appreciate those who donated items for the auction. Please mark your calendars next year for May 2, the week before Mother's Day. Be sure to check your gift card expiration dates and let us know if you have any questions about any of the items.  


Thank you for your prayers for the recent Pt. Shepstone situation (rioting), and for general unrest in the country. As we mentioned, in Ladysmith, a clinic and grant station were burned, and roads were destroyed. These situations tend to pop up in various locations as people are unhappy with the lack of basic services such as housing, electricity, and water. This report came out yesterday, for example:  "Another day of burning tyres and disrupted traffic awaits the residents of Soweto, as several demonstrations have closed key commuter routes."  Please continue to pray for calm and for peaceful solutions to these problems.  (Picture above is from, reporting on protests last week.)

Sabelo, 19 yrs old and a new Peer Educator says,  "This exercise really broke my heart as each PE in the room was given a piece of paper to stick on me. Each piece of paper represents thoughts young people have about waiting till marriage for sex. Some wrote "who cares about marriage", "everyone is doing it why should I wait" and others wrote " I need my boyfriend to give me money."

We then compared the youth's mind set to the word and they are worlds apart. Gods word promises us more which leads to life while the pressures we get as youth are just ideas with no truth most of the time. I have learnt so much from the training. I am armed to go and teach others Gods word."  

This testimony is from the Pt. Shepstone training. (See article above.)
The current Rand exchange rate is excellent at 14.7 Rand per dollar.
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