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Smart Gardening Tip
Summer Bounty!
Smart Tips from Kate's Veggie Garden!

Smart Gardening Tip
How Plants disperse rain water and benefit our environment

Tranquil Home Trends 2.0 – Gardening Indoors

Gardening indoors can be just as beneficial and rejuvenating as tending to your cut flower or vegetable garden outside. Beat the heat, green up your living space, and breathe easy with houseplants. Here are some ways indoor gardening keeps your houseplants as healthy as you.

1.        Eat Healthy – your houseplants need to eat as healthy and regularly as you, and unlike our favorite garden plants outdoors, houseplants need fertilizer to replenish their potting soil “refrigerator”. Jack’s Classic Houseplant Special is formulated to provide houseplants with their “favorite nutritious meal”.

2.        Stay Hydrated – at Dickman’s we regularly recommend two tools that are essentials for indoor gardening. Moisture Meters help you know when you prevent over or underwatering. For the forgetful gardener, watering globes such as PlantPal help maintain an even moisture level in the potting soil. Simply refill the water globe when empty to keep your plants steadily hydrated.

3.        Mindful Meditation – reserving an hour in your daily routine to garden indoors can be therapeutic. Slow down, silence your phone, and give your houseplants the love and care they deserve. Dramm Compact Shears are great for trimming and keeping your plants healthy and looking their best.