April , 2018

We are so excited to announce the start of our monthly email newsletter, Garden Gazette. We will utilize our newsletter to keep you up to date on the happenings of Azalea Gardens Nursing Center.

In addition to sending newsletters, we will email you about special events, emergency situations, and other pertinent information. If any others would like to sign up for our emails, they can sign up on our Facebook page, website, or sending an email to this address.
How we continually improve our quality of care
QAPI stands for Quality Assurance & Performance Improvement. QAPI is a program that ensures we have a comprehensive approach to maintaining the highest level of quality care. We identify opportunities for improvement, address gaps in systems or processes, develop and implement an improvement or corrective plan, and continuously monitor effectiveness of our interventions.
Contact us for more information on QAPI or our past and current performance improvement projects.
530 Hall St, Wiggins, MS 39577
(601) 928-5281