July 2018

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Water efficiency tip 

Organize your landscape into hydro-zones. Hydro-zones are areas of landscape with plant and vegetation that have similar water requirements. This prevents over-watering some plants and under-watering others.

Garden In A Box
Garden In A Box discounts are available to Centennial Water customers through Resource Central this fall. These gardens are a beautiful option to reduce the water consumption in your landscape. Resource Central's professionally designed gardens contain perennial, xeric (low water) plants for your landscaping needs. No matter the level of expertise, Garden In A Box makes it easy for anyone to look like a pro.  

Each Garden In A Box kit comes with 14 to 27 starter plants, a comprehensive Plant and Care Guide, 1 to 4  plant by number maps, educational resources about water conservation practices and other valuable information that helps support water conservation with sustainable practices. Prices range from $81 to $159. Highlands Ranch residents are eligible to receive a $25 discount, which will be applied at checkout after selecting Centennial Water as your water provider. Supplies are limited, so order early. 

Order a Garden In A Box by clicking here.
Why is fall a good time to plant? 
Most people invest their time, energy and money by
planting many of their plants mid March to late April. When spring arrives, we experience rising temperatures and an increase in sunshine. After a long winter of researching which plants and flowers to plant, we are eager for the warmer days to begin and start planting. 

Most people do not realize fall months are actually the best time to garden. In the fall, temperatures decrease from intense heat to cooler mornings followed by warm afternoons. For plants, fall is a perfect time to blossom because leaves are not damaged by the scorching sun. Cooler temperatures also leave behind water for plants to consume. Fall precipitation will help water plants without the consistent evaporation, therefore, decreasing your water bill while increasing your free time.

The question still remains, "How long into fall can I plant and garden?" Of course it varies by location, but for Colorado the best time to plant is in August and September. When planting in the fall be sure to finish by the
end of October.

For more tips and tricks about planting in the fall click here
Incentive programs
Centennial Water has two pilot incentive programs available to the community. These programs include a turf replacement program and a high-efficiency nozzle program.

The pictures above demonstrate the before and after effects of the turf replacement program.  

Turf replacement - The turf replacement program encourages residential customers to convert water-thirsty plant materials, such as Kentucky Bluegrass, into a water wise landscape. A rebate of $1 per square foot ($1000 maximum) is available for the removal of any high-water-use plant material and replacement with Xeric or drought tolerant vegetation. Replacement with other materials, such as artificial turf or hardscape, may be accepted, but requires further approval. 

High efficiency nozzleThe high efficiency nozzle retrofit program targets the replacement of less efficient, traditional fixed spray nozzles with more efficient rotary nozzles. A rebate of $1 per nozzle is available. The non-residential maximum is $3,000. Installation costs, sales tax, and shipping and handling costs are not covered.

More information about these programs, click here
Household Chemical Roundup
The second of three Household Chemical Roundup events in Douglas County will be held Aug. 11 from 9 a.m to 3 p.m. at Shea Stadium, 3270 Redstone Park Circle, Highlands Ranch.  
Proof of residency in Douglas County is required to participate. Residents will be asked to donate $25 per vehicle to properly dispose of waste.

Items accepted:
  • House, garden and pool chemicals
  • Paint and paint products
  • Automotive fluids, fuels, propane tanks (1-20 lbs.)
  • Vehicle batteries
  • Items containing mercury
  • Aerosols
  • Fluorescent light bulbs
  • Compact fluorescent lights
  • Passenger vehicle and pickup truck tires (remove from rim)
Items not accepted:
  • Business and commercial waste
  • Radioactive waste
  • Electronic waste
  • Explosive waste
  • Smoke detectors
  • Waste containing asbestos
  • Tractor tires
  • Scrap metal
  • Household batteries
These events are sponsored by the Highlands Ranch Metro District and Centennial Water & Sanitation District. Tri-County Health Department organizes these events to help properly dispose of chemical waste, prevent pollution and protect the people who handle your trash. 
For more information click  here .