Garden Education Program Newsletter
 January 2020
Greetings from the Gardens!
Wow, a new decade of gardening and farming! Here at Oregon Food Bank we are working on our planting plans and partnerships for the coming season, and it's exciting to see new visions forming. This summer at the Learning Gardens you might see some crops we haven't grown before, as we introduce more culturally specific crops requested by immigrants and refugees who now call Oregon home. We'll continue to learn together how to garden successfully in the midst of climate change. We are working to continually adapt our Seed to Supper courses to be culturally relevant and impactful to diverse communities. We'll send out another newsletter in March to remind you when our Dig In! shifts will be starting, but keep reading for ways to engage before then. See you in the garden!

Lisa Waugh , Learning Gardens Program Coordinator  
Devin Dinihanian , Statewide Garden Education Coordinator
Jennie London , Farm Program Developer
Winter Pruning Hands-on Workshops
Learn some techniques for pruning grapes and berries while working together to keep plants healthy in the Learning Gardens. We'll also talk a little about soil pH to keep blueberries healthy. Led by Oregon Food Bank staff. Email Lisa if you would like to attend.

Eastside Learning Garden: Grapes, Blueberries, & Hardy Kiwis
Thursday, January 30th 10:00-12:00

Westside Learning Garden: Blueberries, Currants, and Gooseberries
Wednesday, February 5th 10:00-12:00
Volunteer Opportunity: Greenhouse Team Leader

Growing over 13,000 starts in our greenhouse at the Eastside Learning Garden takes a lot of leadership and organization. Interested in learning more about volunteer management and plant propagation? Apply to be a Greenhouse Team Leader for the 2020 season! Applications accepted until Feb 1, 2020.
Matthew Bryan Eagle Scout Project

This fall, Matthew Bryan worked with us to complete his Eagle Scout project by constructing some custom-made modular tables that we can use seasonally for growing plant starts. These tables will keep our hardening off plants off the ground and within easy reach for ergonomic watering, and away from nibbling bunnies. Matthew got donations for all the materials and built us a quality product. On top of that, he also organized a food drive and delivered over 300 pounds to OFB West! Thank you Matthew!
Oregon Food Bank Partner Education Series

Did you know Oregon Food Bank has a calendar of workshops and trainings that are open to volunteers and community partners? Upcoming events include "Food as Harm Reduction" and "Introduction to Disability Awareness."
Jobs and Professional Development
Job Opportunities:
V olunteer / Professional Development:
  • Growing Gardens has volunteer activities listed by season, as well as some internship opportunities.
  • Zenger Farm has a number of volunteer and internship positions open including stipended farm apprenticeships.
  • Kitchen Commons has some ongoing volunteer and internship opportunities.
  • FoodCorps service member applications are open for 2020.
  • Applications are open for Rogue Farm Corps' beginning and advanced farmer training programs in Oregon for the 2020 season.
Gardening Classes and Resources in the Community
Below is a variety of community resources and classes. If you would like to take OFB's Seed to Supper 6-week class series, find classes or join the wait list on our Gardening Classes page.
Great resource. Chapter meetings open to public with monthly speakers. 
Generous donor to our Garden Education program! Free classes at both locations.
Many free classes available.
Great page with gardening resources.
Education, supplies, land access, and local food for urban gardening opportunities. 

Creates neighborhood gardens for you and your neighbors in need.
Learn and Grow Workshop Series offers a variety of educational resources.

Offers tree care workshops to learn more about keeping fruit trees healthy.