ISSUE #669 - APRIL 12, 2018
Get ready for spring with our guides to mulching and fertilizing.
A Guide to Mulching
A fresh application of mulch not only makes your garden look better by giving it a fresh and finished look, it will also prevent weed growth and improve moisture retention. Spring is a great time to lay down a cover of mulch in your garden.

Follow these tips to get started and don't forget that we offer bulk delivery of mulch in addition to many different bagged products.
Bring Home the Plant Everyone is Talking About
Thanks to its bright green, pancake-shaped leaves that look striking against bright white backdrops, Pilea peperomioides (also known as Chinese Money Plant) has become the darling of social media platforms like Instagram and one of the hottest (and hardest to find) plants around.

Good news - we just got them at our store in Yarmouth!

Follow these tips to grow (and share) your very own Pilea peperomioides...
Spring Fertilizing Guide
Spring is a great time to prepare your garden beds, bulbs, vegetables, trees and shrubs with fertilizer to create optimum growing conditions. Here at Estabrook's, we recommend organic solutions from Espoma, most notably Plant-tone and Holly-tone.

These two all-purpose plant foods will provide your garden with all the essential nutrients and by following these simple directions, you're sure to notice the difference once spring is in full swing...
Beat the Rush and Schedule Your Delivery Now
Are you ready for spring? Beat the rush and schedule your delivery of mulch, compost and more now and make sure you're ready to hit the ground running this gardening season.

We deliver bulk products and plants throughout Southern Maine from Monday to Saturday!

PLEASE NOTE: Deliveries are currently subject to road postings.
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