ISSUE #676 - MAY 31, 2018
Get tips on planting perennials and creating a home landscape in this week's Garden Newsletter
Perennial Planting Guide
June is almost here, and that traditionally means perennials here at Estabrook's.

With a wide range of colors, styles and foliage that come back year after year, it's no wonder that perennials are favorites of gardeners everywhere.

Follow these instructions to get your perennials off to a great start...
Plants for the Summer Patio
Entertaining outdoors is part of any great summer celebration, and if you have a patio or deck, there's no better way to have it looking its best than with fresh, fragrant flowers that offer beautiful blooms.

If your outdoor area needs a little something extra, we've come up with a few ideas that will make it sparkle all summer long...
The Ten DOs and DON'Ts of Landscaping
Even small landscaping projects can seem daunting. Which plants should I choose? How do I want my beds laid out? What should I keep and what should I toss?

Like any project, dividing it up into smaller parts will make your task easier.

We've compiled the following ten DOs and DON'Ts of landscaping to help you tackle "that spot" in your yard...
Schedule Your Bulk Delivery Today
No truck? No problem! We deliver bulk goods (mulch, soil, compost, rock, etc.) and plants throughout Southern Maine.

Simply give us a call at 207-846-4398 or visit our website to place your order and we'll deliver what you need to grow a great garden this season.
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