ISSUE #727 - MAY 23, 2019
Take advantage of the long weekend to plant shrubs, vegetables, annuals and more.
Memorial Day Weekend is here! We'll be open ALL weekend (including Monday) from 8am to 6pm in Yarmouth and 8:30am to 5pm in Kennebunk to help you take advantage of the long weekend and get gardening.
Creating Inviting Foundation Plantings
Foundation plantings can be so much more than a few shrubs placed around the base of a home. These plantings hide the foundation, soften the lines of a house and visually tie the house to the ground and the surrounding area. Foundation plantings also make houses feel less imposing and more inviting.

Follow these tips to plant (or improve) your foundation plants...
Kerry's Tips of the Week
Introducing the 2019 Perennial of the Year
Each year the Perennial Plant Association selects one perennial to be the gold medalist based on the input of green industry professionals nationwide and a criteria that includes disease resistance, low maintenance, seasonal interest and more.

This year's winner is Stachys monieri 'Hummelo' , a fantastic choice that sports rose-purple flowers, wonderful foliage and will attract plenty of pollinators.
KERRY ANN MENDEZ  is an award-winning garden educator, author and design consultant based in southern Maine. Her latest book is  The Budget-Wise Gardener .

You'll now find her at our Kennebunk store consulting on  garden design , answering your gardening questions and much more.
Grow Your Best Tomatoes Ever
Fresh is best when it comes to nearly all vegetables, but when it comes to tomatoes, there's really no comparison. If you want to grow the biggest, best, and most flavorful tomatoes yet, you should think about using grafted tomatoes .

Learn more about why this breakthrough in breeding is the best thing that has happened to your backyard tomato crop...
How to Plant Annuals
Annual plants such as petunias and geraniums will add instant color to garden beds and landscape that will last all season. With so many different varieties in a kaleidoscope of colors, there are annuals for any occasion.

Follow these planting tips to make sure you're getting your annuals off to a great start and you'll be enjoying a bounty of blooms right away...
Mulch and More Delivered to Your Door
No truck? No problem!

We deliver bulk product (mulch, compost, loam, etc.) and plants throughout Southern Maine from Monday to Saturday.

Plus, don't miss our NEW Feeding Mulch . A 70-30 blend of bark mulch and composted cow manure, Feeding Mulch will fertilize your plants while also providing the insulation and "finished look" of mulch. It's 100% organic, contains no dyes and has no odor!

Place your order now to make sure you're ready to grow a great garden this season. Our handy online form makes ordering quick and easy.
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