ISSUE #779 - MAY 28, 2020
June is almost here and that means perennials! Get tips on planting these popular plants.
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Perennial Planting Guide
June is almost here and that traditionally means perennial planting season.

With a wide range of colors, styles and foliage that come back year after year, it's no wonder that perennials are favorites of gardeners everywhere.

Follow these instructions to get your perennials off to a great start...
Kerry's Tips of the Week
Astilbes for Sun and Shade
Astilbe are rock star perennials that should be invited to perform in your garden!

How can you not love their lush flower plumes that range in color from white, cream, pink, red, purple, peach and lilac? Read on to discover why they're a great choice for your garden and a few of my favorite varieties...
KERRY ANN MENDEZ  is an award-winning garden educator, author and design consultant based in southern Maine. Her latest book is  The Budget-Wise Gardener .

You'll now find her at Estabrook's in Kennebunk consulting on  garden design , answering your gardening questions and much more.
The Ten DO's and DON'Ts of Landscaping
Even small landscaping projects can seem intimidating. Which plants should I choose? How do I want my beds laid out? What should I keep and what should I toss?

Like any project, dividing it up into smaller parts will make your task easier.

We've compiled the following ten DO's and DON'Ts of landscaping to help you tackle "that spot" in your yard. Plus, don't forget that we also offer planting services if your next project is still a bit too daunting.
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