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  • What a Year!
  • Planning for 2021
  • Gift Cards
  • New Annual
  • New Perennial
  • New Edible
  • How to Grow Amaryllis
  • Custom Containers
What a Year!
Hoping for a different 2021

As the 2020 gardening season winds down, I thought now would be a good time to reconnect. It’s been quite the year – we have all experienced change and are adapting to a new way of living. We are all making sacrifices and many of us are dealing with great suffering and heartache. Whatever 2021 brings for you personally, I hope that you can continue to experience the joy that plants and gardening brings to our lives.
I echo the words of the great garden enthusiast, Judy Sharpton
- ‘I live in the hope of a garden’.

Photo above: my own personal garden has brought me great joy this year.
One of my goals this winter is to stay in touch. I aim to send short newsletters throughout the winter to keep you hopeful and excited about spring. I will feature new plants and keep you updated on our plans for 2021. Once we start growing in the greenhouses, I know that everyone loves to see photos.

So here goes – here is the first winter update….
Planning for 2021
How will next year look?

This, of course is the big question on everyone’s minds. At this point, we are planning for and really hoping that we can return to some sense of normalcy and allow customers inside our greenhouses to shop again. We will have health and safety procedures in place, such as limited numbers to allow for physical distancing, sanitizing stations, one way aisles etc. That said, as we know, all the best laid plans in the world can be thrown out the window in a day, so we appreciate your support and understanding as we work within whatever health regulations are in place at the time.
I will be posting our full 2021 Plant Listing on our website over the coming weeks for you to start planning your gardening needs this winter. If we are open for ‘in person’ shopping, you can come prepared with a list!
The main thing to remember is that we are forging ahead and are growing our crops again – 2021 will be our 28th year in business and we have plans for many more. Thank you for your continued support.

Gift Cards
The perfect present!

We are again offering gift cards for sale during the holiday season. What better present than a choice of plants from our greenhouses in the spring - such an easy and practical gift!

  • Available in any denomination you require
  • Call us at (705) 424 9319 or reply to this e mail to place your order
  • Pay by cash, cheque or E transfer. Sorry no credit cards accepted at this time of year
  • Pick up your gift card at the farm or receive by mail

We really appreciate your support of our small independent business as you make your shopping decisions this holiday season. Hope to hear from you soon!
New Annual for 2021!
Calibrachoa Cha-Cha Diva Hot Pink

Calibrachoas (or Callies as we affectionately refer to them by), are such great garden performers that they have long been one of our staples for baskets and planters. Diva Hot Pink will be a gorgeous new and unique addition to our collection. Thriving in heat and full sun, large trailing mounds are covered in rich pink flowers. Try combining with yellow blooms such as Bidens or Petunia to highlight the beautiful yellow centres.
New Perennial for 2021!
Echinacea Lakota Fire

These new Echinacea plants bloom in a range of beautiful shades of red, ranging from reddish-orange to pinkish-red. As with all Echinaceas, Lakota Fire is easy to grow – just plant in full sun and enjoy all summer for years to come. Pollinating insets love Echinaceas, so expect to attract some butterflies and bees. Leave the seed heads on the plants all winter to provide visual interest for yourself, seeds for birds and a chance to allow seedlings to grow.
New Edible for 2021!
Strawberry Berried Treasure Red

This wonderful plant is both highly ornamental and produces gorgeous tasty strawberries. Plants are ever bearing and will continue producing showy red flowers and fruit all summer. For the best effect and convenience for harvesting fruit, grow Berried Treasure in a container. Try mixing with other ornamental or edible plants to add some pizazz to combinations. This plant has won numerous awards and we are so excited to be growing it next year.
Big Bulbs are Best
How to Grow Amaryllis

Amaryllis are a gorgeous house plant to grow and gift during the holiday season. Bulbs are readily available in stores and come in many beautiful shades of red, pink, white, salmon and orange. Originally from South America, Amaryllis bulbs are fast and easy to grow indoors during the winter. They reward you with huge, long lasting, bold flowers on tall, sturdy stems. They are easy for children to grow and our kids used to love to grow them for their teachers every winter. I usually have a few on the go for gifts too. If you are buying new bulbs, always select the largest size possible, as like outdoor bulbs, older and larger bulbs will provide more flowers.

Pot bulbs in November or December, and enjoy the flowers for the winter. If you have an Amaryllis that has finished flowering, it can be brought into flower again every year by following these steps:
1. After flowering is finished in late winter, cut down the flower stems and continue to water and fertilize the leaves for about 5 - 6 months. After all danger of frost has passed in June, plants can be placed outside to continue growing in the sun and fresh air.
2. Bring the plant indoors in September or October, before the first frost. When the leaves begin to yellow, cut them back to about 2" above the bulb.
3. Either remove the bulb from the pot and place in a cool, dark place such as the crisper of your fridge or leave the bulb in the pot and place in your basement - also cool and dark. The bulb now needs at least 6 weeks of rest. Do not allow the bulb to freeze.
4. After the 6 week rest period the Amaryllis bulb can be started growing again with light and water. Allow 8 weeks for blooms.
Custom Containers
It’s time to plan for 2021!

Thank you to all who trusted us with their container designs this year. We hope your plants performed well and brought you JOY! This year, I delegated the running of our ever popular Custom Container department to Kelly French. Kelly has been part of our team for 6 years. With a great eye for design and knowledge of all our plants, Kelly will work with you to design combinations that meet your taste and needs. She has already been in touch with existing custom container customers so if that is you, please continue planning with her. If you or a friend would like more information about our Custom Containers, please contact us.
Thank you for your continued business and loyalty.

Let’s live in the hope of a garden

Katie Dawson
Cut and Dried Flower Farm