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We are here to bring you fun activities for any child ages 0-5 years.
We hope you find this useful and helpful during this very unusual time. Happy learning!
This week's theme:
Gardening / Plants
Gardening with children is great fun and you can begin in any month of the year. From planning and craft-making to planting and harvesting, you can treat your kids to fun activities any time!
Infant Corner
Activities for children under 1
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When you use many different words with your child, your're helping them develop their language and communications skills. Your child learns communication skills from your tone of voice and facial expressions.

Babies learn language and concepts through singing because music stretches out the sounds, making it easier for them to detect words and their meaning.
While cleaning up dirty dishes, show your child a dirty dish and say, "yuck" with a funny face. With each new dish, use a new word, "sticky" "goopy." Your expression should make them giggle and make the chore more enjoyable for you!

Sing to your baby the ABC song, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star or what every is your favorite song.
Busy Toddlers
Activities for children 1-3

Learn what plants need to live and grow by sharing this fun movement song. Try singing the song over and over, going faster each time!

Let your child use the fine muscles in their fingers to squeeze sponges to make it rain on the plants in the yard.

Spring Flower Sensory soup is a great way to encourage kids to play, swirling the flowers, making soup for you to ‘taste’, was it too hot? Was the seasoning right? Did it need more flowers?!

Follow the link below for another simple spring sensory bin.
Read outside: Grab a few books and head outside. Bring along a blanket to sit on, find a tree to lean up against or cuddle up in an outdoor fort.  

Focus on the process of forming letters rather than the end product. Check out fun ways to form letters in nature.

Creative Arts
Toddlers can explore vegetable stamping while creating their own  garden art!

Here is an easy Recycle Flower Art idea. You can use old newspaper, magazines or wrapping paper
Hands-On Preschoolers
Activities for children 4-5
Hunt for Colors on a Nature Walk. Choose a color and see how many things you can find on your walk that match your color.

Combine gross motor skills and learning numbers by creating this easy flower game. Cut or have your child help cut out 10 flower shapes and label 1-10. Lay them out in random order. Call out a number and have child jump from number to number.
Remember how you were amazed  growing a bean  in a plastic baggie when you were younger. To help with observation use  a jar  instead of a baggie, your kids will be just as amazed by this simple bit of  science.

Grow your knowledge about plant parts and plant needs with this 3 minute video .
Help your child make their own garden journal.

Letter and number handwriting practice doesn’t just have to take place at a table–there are so many ways to make it fun! When the weather is nice take it outside to water paint chalk letters.
Creative Arts
Day and Night Flip Stones are fun to paint and can be used to play a heads and tails type game.

A terrarium is a fun and simple garden project for kids. Add toys to your terrarium and you have a toyrarium – a terrarium that inspires play.