A Note from Scott and Marsha
May 26, 2022
Countdown to the holiday weekend! Countdown to halfway through the year! Countdown to Summer Solstice, Sunset Slush in the garden, our summer concert series and all the things that scream "Summer fun"!

FGS was bursting with bloom this spring. Every season, we are reminded of all the reasons we love each one. But by far, I still think spring could be our favorite. There is something about fresh flowers, hanging baskets, and loads of blooming perennials, shrubs, and trees.

What does this boot have to do with it? At first glance, this made me think of the boots a miner wore in the 1800's when searching for ore, gold and copper. With this foot dusty, dirty, and standing in rock, I couldn't help but think this. But it is not a miner's boot.

This is Jesse's boot. She started with us this spring. I have talked with her multiple times and seen her eating her lunch in the breakroom, reading on her phone, and wearing these boots in the garden. She is always hustling, caring for plants and customers, and keeping the plants watered.

This week she literally walked her sole off; what you can't see is the shoe leather and sole have separated! This is living proof that working in the garden is rewarding work. She can now say she worked at FGS and walked her soles off!

It's common for everyone to talk about the number of steps they take in a day. You don't have to think very much about exercise or steps. Our Garden Center staff is made up of some of the strongest women I know - and I mean that with all sincerity. And the guys? They are equally up for any task! It takes a village in the garden, this much we know.

If you need your steps for the day, I can't think of a more magical place to stroll through our Garden Center. And if you have shoes on their last leg, wear them. You can walk your soles to a new pair, too! We seriously think of everything!

Saturday, May 28, 6PM - 9PM
Doors Open at 5:30 PM

Celebrate Memorial Day weekend and join us for our first concert of 2022!

Waking April is an electro-pop band made up of a husband and wife duo. Bethany and Alex McKee are based in Raleigh, NC. From their website: “Waking April has crafted its sound taking their indie roots and blending them with synthpop and electronic influences. The band combines mostly electronic instrumentation with pop sensibilities supporting Bethany’s dynamic vocals and a particular focus on melodic hooks.” FGS is thrilled to include them in this year’s concert series!

Tickets are $10 each!
Children 12 and under are FREE

Food Truck: Presti Pizza
Meet Caleb!

Role: Mechanic
Started at FGS: March 2022
Favorite Plant: Sunflowers
Favorite Snack: Chicken Tenders
Currently watching: The Office - for the 12th time
Favorite Local Restaurant: Wooden Nickel Pub in Hillsboro
This year, I'm looking forward to: Getting my shed cleared out and purchasing another 4-wheeler!
Thoughts, Theories, & Trivia: Get some jumper cables for your car and regularly check your oil - and don't get any add-ons at Jiffy Lube!
These beauties definitely deserve a crown! And with their rich, deep, and dramatic coloring they are fit for all the plant kings and queens! Rex Begonias prefer moderate to bright indirect light and prefer humid enviornments. Just make sure to let the soil dry out between waterings.

Pro tip: While stunning, this plant is toxic to pets. Make sure to place this plant well out of reach of curious critters!
There are hummingbirds flying around the Garden Center and we love seeing them zoom around! Want them to pop over to your garden? We have a variety of annuals and perennials that can provide hummingbirds with a yummy snack.

Perennial options include Coral Honeysuckle, Salvias, Agastache (pictured), Cardinal Flower, Bee Balm, Penstemon, Hosta, Catmint, and Canna Lily.

Annual options include Salvia, Zinnia, Penta, and Calibrochoa.
Also known as Sweetspire, this adorable bush is pollinator-friendly and native to North Carolina. It thrives in part-to-full sun and is an easy-care bush because it does not require much pruning and while it prefers moist/wet area, it is drought tolerant. Sweetspire stays short and sweet, capping growth at about 3' tall and 3' wide.
Upcoming Classes & Events
Thursday, May 26, 6PM-7PM - TONIGHT!
Location: The Garden Center

Dust those leaves and knock off that dirt because we are hosting a PLANT SWAP!

Want to change things up in your plant collection? Bring a plant (or two, or three…) to our plant swap, where everyone will take turns selecting a new plant for their collection.

Event fee is $5, which includes a mimosa OR a regular Sunset Slush!

The Potting Shed will be open for this event. Sip on a local beer or mimosa while you make new friends and freshen up your plant collection.

Please come prepared to share details with the group about caring for the plants you are offering up to swap. Everyone must bring at least one plant to contribute to the swap! Please label each plant with at least its name; lighting and watering preferences are also encouraged.


Our monthly events update will be coming out next week! June's lineup of events and classes will be hitting your inbox on June 1, so make sure to keep an eye out for all the fun things happening next month at FGS!
We're Hiring!
For Garden's Sake is looking for new faces to join our landscape team! If you like to work hard and have fun at the same time, these positions could be for you!

We are hiring for the following roles:
  • Landscape Installation Operations Manager
  • Landscaper - Installation Crew Member
  • Landscaper - Maintenance Crew Member
  • Landscape Maintenance Foreman
  • Client Care Associate

These positions are full-time, year-round, with benefits including health and dental insurance, vision, 401k, and paid holidays.

Looking for a part-time job instead? Here are our current part-time openings:
  • Landscape Purchasing Assistant

CLICK HERE to see the full job descriptions and apply!
Landscape Design and Installation
Our designers love to turn your lawn and landscape into gorgeous and usable outdoor space! From beautiful plant design to drainage solutions to fire pits and patios, our team can take your outdoor living space to the next level. We have available appointments in July!

Plant Tip of the Week: HEY, JUNE
We are so excited for the holiday weekend! Make sure you take some time to rest, relax, and reflect on everything that has happened this year so far; we're almost at the halfway mark! When you're done grilling, take some time to tend to your garden!

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