As we continue the celebration of Garifuna Arts & Culture Appreciation Month and in honor of Mother's Day, we would like to share the following poem by Mrs. Rita Palacio. Happy Mother's Day


 Garifuna Woman

� 2014 by Rita Palacio, All Rights Reserved    



Mrs. Rita Palacio
I am a Garifuna Woman

A precious jewel,

Possessing a language dual,

Descending from grandmothers

Who sustained a heroic survival,

Continuing even at arrival

Strength, dignity and love is natal.

This is Garifuna Woman.


Enduring the stings of racism,

Suffering the pangs of sexism,

Tall and strong she stood,

As a mahogany tree would,

With majestic strength, against colonialism

Determined to continue a race;

Held solemnly to her Garifuna language

Never to be left to be erased.

This is Garifuna Woman.


Dressed in her unique fashion,

The men gazed, breathless in dismay

Shivering within passion .

In turbulent times, in Yurumein,

The Garifuna Woman stood by her groom,

Counseling, negotiating when needed,

Carrying a child in her womb,

Bare footed the field she burned, planted and weeded.

This is Garifuna Woman.


Silently retracing the footprints

Of the Garifuna Woman,

Who before her blazed

The trail to liberation.

Her ancestors' work she accomplished.

Evolution ! Change Dawned!

Nurse Noguera and Ola the midwife reigned

Marcelina Lambey's great lyrics flourished.

Eliza Ramos our Founder's spouse,

Supported his effort with rare courage.

And who was She? A GARIFUNA WOMAN.