June 2017
Summer is officially here and you know what that means: ROAD TRIP!!!! 
In our continued effort to save you money this year we are here to help with 5 simple steps to improve your gas mileage and decrease your trips to the pump. 
5 Steps to Improving Gas Mileage & Saving $$$
OBEY THE SPEED LIMIT. Once you start driving over 60 mph your fuel efficiency drops drastically.
AVOID RAPID BRAKING/ ACCELERATING. Keep your eyes ahead of you so you can do this gradually.  If not, your efficiency can decrease by as much as 35%!
STOP IDLING. Steer clear of long drive thru lines and heavy traffic whenever possible. Turn off your engine when necessary. 
USE CRUISE CONTROL ON FLAT TERRAIN ONLY. Using it on hills will actually decrease your efficiency.
CHANGE YOUR AIR FILTER ONCE OR TWICE A YEAR. Dirty filters cause your engine to work harder and burn more fuel.
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Have a road trip in your future? Is your vehicle ready for it?
Did you know...
Both Enneking Auto Body locations are I-CAR certified!  

This means we have our technicians attend hours of industry training related to their job skill every year.  It's important to us to stay current on the newest requirements and repair standards. 

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