2016 Gas Turbine Projects, News, and Best Practices: Issue 4

It is clear that the regulatory framework is evolving rapidly for distributed generation (DG) and the "transactional grid" to challenge, or perhaps more appropriately, complement the traditional centralized "big iron," one-way paradigm of the last century. However, there's another critical hurdle which must be overcome. DG has to evolve from a vast suite of viable and cost-effective technologies to a few suppliers of engineered systems, based on a dominant design, providing warranties expected by purchasers. In other words, DG has to become truly commercial, not merely viable.  more   
Oil firing comparable to gas at 501F peaking plant
The Combustion Turbine Operations Technical Forumâ„¢ (CTOTF) kicked off its 41st year of service to the industry with the somewhat unsettling conference theme, "Preparing your Plants for the Coming Storm. . .Disruptive Technologies and Other Fun Stuff." In keeping with this theme, a reinvigorated CTOTF leadership team, headed by Chairman Jack Borsch, electric utility director for the Florida city of Lake Worth, put together an onslaught of information that didn't slack off from the General Session, Monday, April 4, until adjournment Thursday afternoon. more
Siemens engineers speak to issues, solutions, technology developments for F, G, H frames
Siemens Energy Inc's second technical conference for owner/operators of its F,G, and H gas turbines, held Sept 18-21, 2016 at the Rosen Centre in Orlando, was rated a "success" by attendees sharing their views after the meeting. Nearly 150 global customers from 65 companies participated. The following links facilitate access to the content summaries of greatest interest to you:
What to look for when inspecting GT exhaust systems
When it comes to exhaust systems for gas turbines, Bill Grace of Universal AETâ„¢ told the editors, "it seems hardly a day goes by that we aren't asked to answer one of the following questions:
  • When will our exhaust duct and/or exhaust baffles fail?
  • When will our expansion joint blow out, expel GT exhaust, and create a dangerous situation?
  • Will my exhaust baffles collapse, cave in, and create a potentially catastrophic failure?" more 
Didn't attend the 7EA UG meeting? Here's what you missed
The 7EA Users Group steering committee, chaired by Jason Hampton, released this past weekend summary highlights of the organization's 25 th anniversary meeting, held November 1-3, 2016, at the Hershey Lodge in Pennsylvania. It is of particular value to 7EA owner/operators unable to attend the conference who might want to access certain presentations. User and third-party vendor PowerPoints identified below are available to registered users on the group's website; GE presentations are posted on the OEM's "My Dashboard." more 
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