CCJ ONsite: '12 CTOTF Fall Turbine Forum

Update #2

The Industry Issues Roundtable provided an adrenaline rush that launched CTOTF's™ 37th Annual Fall Turbine Users Conference and Trade Show in high gear. The opening panel, which explored the challenges electric generators faced in meeting the needs of ISOs, ignited a vibrant exchange that suggested the nation's grid operators may have unrealistic expectations in terms of implementation schedules for their initiatives and the associated costs. more

Mounting losses for insurers mean higher premiums, deductibles for powerplant owners

Don Schubert, Senior VP, Marsh Energy Practice, is one of very few people who get applause and gain respect for delivering bad news. An engineering professional with more than 30 years of experience in boiler and machinery insurance, Schubert told attendees at CTOTF's™ 37th Annual Fall Turbine Users Conference and Trade Show that as industry losses continue to mount insurance premiums and deductibles would continue to climb. This year premiums increased by up to 18%. more

Rod Shidler and Mike Hoogsteden called the editors over to the Advanced Turbine Support LLC display on the busy trade show floor to talk about a relatively rare "find" last weekend of interest to owner/operators of 7FA gas turbines, Models 7231 and 7241. 
What the ATS inspection team found with its borescope was the pressure-side platform crack. Although Hoogsteden said ATS has found cracking previously on the pressure side of 7FA first-stage turbine bucket platforms, the amount of separation shown here together with the offset is not typical. more

Active participation in end-of-life assessments benefits the bottom line    


Ron Munson's presentation before the O&M and Business Roundtable at CTOTF™ this week provided users a backgrounder and road map to enable their productive participation in end-of-life assessments of major components for combined-cycle plants. 

End-of-life assessments have been a growing business since OEMs announced limits on operating hours and starts for their gas-turbine rotors a few years ago. With gas prices low, engines are running more and many plants are rapidly approaching decision deadlines, recognizing shop times for inspections, overhauls, upgrades, etc, may have to be booked as much as three years in advance. more











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