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Gastric Cancer Registry Prepares to Launch Innovative Data Portal
Hearty Mushrooms for Health

Foundation board member and "Chef without a Stomach," Hans Rueffert, Foundation Board Member and "Chef without a Stomach," Hans Rueffert, shares another one-pot-wonder that is nutrient rich and hearty.

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Research Roundup
Despite the challenges raised by the pandemic, researchers continued to make progress in their efforts to combat gastric cancer in 2020. Here are some recent accomplishments:

Five Prime Therapeutics’ FGFR2b-targeted drug combined with chemotherapy improved survival in a phase 2 trial in front-line gastric and gastroesophageal junction cancer. The company is discussing next steps with global drug regulators.

British researchers discovered that a blood test could identify gastric cancer patients who might respond well to EGFR-inhibiting drugs. The study, published in the journal Gut, suggested that some patients could benefit from a single EGFR-targeted drug, avoiding the side effects of harsh chemotherapy. 

Researchers in Taiwan identified two biomarkers that contribute to the growth and spread of gastric cancer and suggested that a blood cancer drug that’s already on the market, midostaurin, could be used to treat patients with high levels of the proteins. They made the discovery using big data to study 30,000 genes from 300 gastric cancer patients.
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