Gathering Online Today!
Monday, March 16th, 2020

Hello everyone!

Please know every prayer as we take on all the little details of hunkering down and preparing for some unusual weeks. Here's just a quick update for St Augustine's:

  • The Memorial Service for Larry Sheldon has been made Family-Only, in accordance with Bishop Barker's instruction that we suspend public worship. We will be streaming the service on the parish Facebook Live account:
  • You can tune in tomorrow at 4:00 pm at:
  • Quick tips:
  • You do NOT need a Facebook account, but if you do not have one, a somewhat-distracting "Login" banner will appear at the bottom of your screen. You may ignore it.
  • To find our live stream, you will need to scroll down a bit on our Facebook page to our "posts."
  • You may also need to refresh the page if you log on before we begin streaming.
  • Some members were able to host "Watch parties" for our Morning Prayer worship on Sunday; if you are online to hold Deacon Pat and Larry's family in vigil and prayer with us, and know how to host a watch party, please do take the lead there to help others find their way to the live stream.

  • We will be switching the Romans Bible Study to an online gathering using the parish's Facebook Live stream. You can tune in tonight at 6:30 at:
  • Our format will be a lot more casual; with apologies, Fr Ben hasn't prepared as much this week, so we'll do more of a direct reading of some of the middle sections!

  • Our other ministries are shifting to electronic gatherings, including:
  • EfM
  • The Elaine Randall Book Club
  • Committee Meetings
  • Vestry
  • Your ministry leader should be in touch about these; please contact them, or Kate or Fr Ben, if you have questions!

  • Our Youth Programming is still on hiatus, but Kate is reviewing possible online options -- stay tuned!

  • Some of you have asked about giving and online giving, as we are not gathering in person at present. We are researching stronger options, but right now:
  • Checks may still be mailed to the parish
  • Your bank may have an option to directly mail a check; this would be set up with the bank
  • Our website ( has a paypal option, but this option has a usage fee of 1.5% -- we are looking into options that may not have this fee.

Above all, I know we're all thinking of one another right now; and I want to encourage us again to make a practice of just texting or calling (or Facetime'ing) some of our friends from church! Connection is the antidote to isolation, and helps restore our spirits.

I expect there will be a reminder e-mail tomorrow with reminder details about our memorial service, and then our usual e-mail Thursday with updated details to make online worship easier, and other notes.

Thanks for all you are doing, meanwhile, and stay safe and healthy!

Ben +

Activities, Meetings & Worship Plans
We will be adapting our activities to practice "Social Distancing" guidelines for the time being, with a default expectation that groups will be suspended unless they can meet online. Fr Ben and Kate will be communicating with our ministries (some of which have a lot of experience connecting electronically!) over the coming weeks, and we'll be keeping things updated.

The staff will continue to hold regular office hours and manage various projects and concerns, and we will be updating the parish regularly about our schedule and activities.
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Church Communication and Announcements
Those of you who need to share information with the parish, please be sure to send it to  as well as   Jay and Kate will need to have this information by Wednesday at 10:00 am to be included in that week's communication for bulletin and newsletter. We appreciate your support.