E ncourageMale - 'As a father has compassion on his children, so the Lord has compassion ..." (Psalm 103:13)
- Give Dad a call
- Take Dad Out
- Rest & Rejoice
- Remember 
DAD - TO - BE?
- Helpful tips
- Solid Instruction
- 3 Hour Session
- 6 Locations  
A Man & His Marriage 
Summer Groups in 4 Locations:
Make a short term commitment and see a big impact. Specifically, this is for the guy who is currently married or who is looking to be married in the future.

Bring life to your marriage by building it around God’s grace and for His glory. In just 6-8 video/discussion based sessions, we will look at 6 key points. Based upon 33 The Series, this group will dive into bible-based truths that will encourage you and strengthen you in your journey. 

Training for Men and Leaders of Men ... who are ministering to others through a local Christian Church or Christ-centered community group. In 8 Sessions, you will be given some 'tools you can use' to handle sexual temptation in a God affirming way. You'll learn how to develop a 'sexual purity game plan' as well as help others.