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Gathering This Sunday Dec. 30
Were We Hard on the Old Dude?
Tracy Keenan Preaching

The best (and worst) thing about the week between Christmas and New Years is the opportunity to peruse the past year and consider how it has changed us. What did the year bring? What did we bring to it? The old cartoons used to show an old grizzled "Father Time" fellow on his way out and a little, cherubic, diapered fellow dancing his way in as representatives of the old year and the new. So, my question is this: "Were we hard on the old guy (meaning the old year)?" Did we seize each day, suck the marrow, relish each moment? Did we shred our days, rubbing the hours across Facebook and Candy Crush, faces tilted towards screens in order to avoid the scuffles of real time? Did we throw ourselves into work, volunteering, dutiful dusting and scheduling ourselves tightly, or did we amble through, just doing what we always do? 

And the biggest question of all: What has God done with us?

I sometimes miss all that God has done until I look back, take stock, and see how time has rolled in some changes... It can be surprising...

Hope to see you at Gathering as we ask one another what we have seen.

Grace & Peace,
New Year's Eve with Covenant
Mon., Dec. 31
5-7pm - Communion. Quiet Meditation. Come and go as you wish. 
Church office closes noon New Year's Eve, all New Year's Day

Sundays: Regular Traditional Service: 8:30am and 11:00am, Sanctuary;
Alternative Gathering Service: 10am, Fellowship Hall
Mark Your Calendar!
3rd Annual Parent Party
Sat., Jan. 5, 7pm, Columbus Italian Club (1739 W 3rd Ave.)
All grown-ups are invited to come enjoy each other’s company after the holidays are over. Bring a snack to share and your own grown-up beverage. Don’t forget to bring the ugliest gift you got for Christmas for our White Elephant gift exchange.
New Photo Directories Keep Us Connected 
For church members who have a photo in our new directory, please pick up your copy in the hall this Sunday. Look for the label with your name and start meeting and learning about your church family. Soon, you’ll receive info on how to access this directory on the new app on your phone.
Christmas Joy Offering: Give Online
50% of your gifts provide support for current and retired church workers and their families with critical financial need. 50% of your gifts make it possible for students to learn and grow in faith at Presbyterian-related schools and colleges.  To give online or learn about giving through our mobile phone app,  CLICK HERE Questions? C ontact  Ingrid Smith.
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