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Gathering This Sunday Jan. 6
Truth Or Dare
Jim Mehler Preaching
“Speaking the truth in love” is one of those “biblical injunctions” which has a checkered past in its application. Too often it has been used to (in loving truth, of course) to point out another’s shortcomings. (More a punch than a hug. More “I’m ok, you’re not.”) The whole intent, though, is the restoration of community, to bring together all those united in Christ. The “truth” is that all fall short of loving in the model of Jesus. However, “in love”, I’d like to point out that your failings are greater than mine. (Grin). 
3rd Annual Parent Party
Sat., Jan. 5, 7pm, Columbus Italian Club (1739 W 3rd Ave.)
All grown-ups are invited to come enjoy each other’s company after the holidays are over. Bring a snack to share and your own grown-up beverage. Don’t forget to bring the ugliest gift you got for Christmas for our White Elephant gift exchange.
The After Party: Presbyterian 101
Sun., Jan. 6, 12:15pm, Lounge
Led by Tracy Keenan. Cradle Presbyterian or Newbie? How important is denomination? What does it really mean to be Presbyterian? What difference does it make? We will be asking questions like those, playing some denominational Trivial Pursuit, and examining what's important to us as Presbyterian Christians. Continues Sun., Jan. 13.
Parents' Night Out
Fri., Jan. 11, 6-8:30pm (2nd Fri./month)
We host and feed children so that their parents can go be grown-ups and go play. Please register by Tues., Jan. 8 at Contact Erin Wise,
Mark Your Calendar!
Don't miss this important film
Sun., Jan. 20, 12:15pm lunch, 12:30pm film, Lounge; 
AND 6pm pizza, 6:15pm film, Fellowship Hall
ANGST. Do you suffer from anxiety? Does your child? Partner? Learn how to cope and find hope. One could make the case that anxiety is the most prevalent 21st Century disease afflicting the United States – certainly it is doing its best to cripple our youth. As people of God and the body of Christ, we have important insights and practices within our theology and tradition that can help us manage the anxiety that affect us and our children. It is time to reclaim this knowledge and to begin to share it. It is time to come to the defense of our children. Join us for this important film and discussion...a film about anxiety, truth, coping and hope. Candid interviews with real teens about anxiety. Contact Katie Kinnison or Erin Wise.
New Photo Directories Keep Us Connected 
For church members who have a photo in our new directory, please pick up your copy in the hall this Sunday. Look for the label with your name and start meeting and learning about your church family. Soon, you’ll receive info on how to access this directory on the new app on your phone.
Presbyterian Disaster Relief is responding to disasters in the US and worldwide. You can help.
You can receive your quarterly statement of giving from Covenant electronically
Emailing statements is much less expensive for the church, provides quicker delivery, and you can save and print your statement for your files. Please reply back to Ingrid Smith if you are interested in an email copy of your statement of giving at .
Our Mission
Covenant Presbyterian Church is an open, accepting community awakening to God's life-giving love together.
Our Vision
Covenant Presbyterian Church glorifies God and builds relationships with Christ and each other through: worship that inspires, nurture that embraces, education that challenges,
fellowship that energizes, ministry that responds.