October 31, 2019 - Issue 12
Aftercare closing at 4:30pm TODAY.
Halloween  is a time to dress up and wear masks. No one knows who we are when we wear costumes! But when Halloween is over we take off our masks and we become ourselves again. We become the special person that God made us to be. 

The traditional  Halloween  customs practiced in our country today date back to ancient Britain and Ireland. A great festival was held to mark the end of summer. At this time, the herds returned from the pasture. It was said that the souls of the dead returned to revisit their homes… and that is where we get the idea of imaginary ghosts and goblins.

These pagan ideas influenced the Christian festival of ALL SAINTS’ EVE which gradually became known as Halloween, which means the eve of all saints. So actually, Halloween is a pagan feast that took the religious name Halloween. 

A famous symbol of Halloween is the jack-o-lantern, a hollowed out pumpkin with sometimes a scary face. A lighted candle is often placed inside. The pumpkin is a symbol of the harvest and the lighted candle was originally meant to guide the souls of the dead back to their home.

Be safe Halloween night and remember to say a prayer for a loved one.  

Friday, November 1:

Dress like your favorite religious saint (NFL Saints jerseys not allowed)

This is a Holy Day of Obligation. Our school mass for grades 1-7 is at 9am.

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Annual Charley Favret Memorial –
St. Catherine of Siena Men’s Club Golf Tournament!
Friday, November 8th at City Park Bayou Oaks Golf Course:
  • 11:00am - Registration & Lunch
  • 12:00pm - Tee Time

Not a golfer? No problem! This is a fun day full of food, games, and golf!

Teams of 4 Players or you can register as a single and be paired up

Any questions please email or call Ryan Milioto at ryanmilioto@yahoo.com or 504-487-9404
November 16, 2019

Turbo Thinktank™ is a symposium for teens and adults affected by ADHD.

 All adults and students (high school and above) with ADHD, parents of children with ADHD, and professionals who treat or teach those with ADHD are welcome to attend.
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