Happy Holidays
$10 off Gayle's Top 4 Facials
Advanced Optimizer Facial
Excellence Code Facial
Time Resist Facial
Essential White Facial
Time to heal your FACE from all the MASK-WEARING for sure!
Call Now to schedule your Facial & get my recommendations for product use at home to clear up & nourish your skin from the ongoing abuse of wearing masks for almost 9 months.
$10 off Gayle's Advanced Optimizer Facial
Emphasis on importance of PEPTIDES for Anti-Aging!
I composed a new flier & poster with details on the PEPTIDES & active ingredients in this new amazing Facial. For important info & why you need this Facial NOW, Please click here below:
$10 off Gayle's Excellence Code Facial
Skin is radiant, visibly younger, firmer & more toned
Signs of fatigue and the appearance of wrinkles are diminished.
Definitely the Facial to get for super HYDRATION!
Call to schedule: 831.320.6663
$10 off Gayle's Time Resist Facial
Plant-Based Stem Cells, the Secret to Young Skin!
Call to schedule: 831.320.6663
$10 off Gayle's Essential White Facial
Evens out your skin tones for fresh new look!
Targeted advanced strengths of glycolic acid, lactic acid, Vit C, Hyaluronic Acid + so much more will get rid of summer damage & get ready for GLOW of clean, fresh healthy skin for fall & winter. Call to schedule: 831.320.6663
$10 off Essential White Facial for Teens
Teens can have many types skin conditions, so I customize their Facials. The basic ingredients start with my Essential White Facial, then I add on specific products unique to their skin type. Male & Female teens are both extremely happy with their results. Call now to schedule their appointment: 831.320.6663
$10 off Gayle's Facial for Guys
(Choice of Essential White or Time Resist Facials)
It's never too late to take years off your face! So guys, what are you waiting for? Get your Facial NOW from me, and I will teach you how to take great care of your skin that only takes a couple of minutes a day! Check out these two Facials & we will choose the one that's correct for your skin type. Call to schedule: 831.320.6663
Keep up your Waxing!
You just never know when you can grab a little "beach time", or need to expose some skin at Yoga, or any sport. Waxing every 3 to 5 weeks pays off in a big way as the hair gets weaker until it can't grow back causing hair re-growth to go down over 70%. Feels great to have soft, silky skin! Call for your appt now: 831.320.6663
Number ONE Best Gift Idea....
Beautiful Gift Certificate @ Body Resultz Skin Care.
Call to set up your choice for Pick Up or Mail to receive! 831.320.6663
Thank you so very much for your Biz & Support
throughout 2020!
(Reminder: I am open 7 days a week & practice highest sanitation protocols)
I have selected one of the Holiday's favorite Movie Trailers, "FOUR CHRISTMASES" with Reese Whitherspoon & Vince Vaughn. Some bad language, but a really funny ending. Wishing you a happy & healthy Holiday Season filled with love, & I hope to see you soon!
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