Project Unified Assistance (P.U.A.) is a U.S.-based humanitarian nonprofit organization advocating to establish a U.N. operated and regulated airport in the Gaza Strip.
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The need to address Gaza's deteriorating humanitarian situation has become urgent not only to alleviate the suffering of the Palestinians in the Strip, but to ensure stability in the area. Israel's recent proposal for an airport and seaport to be built on a man-made island off Gaza is demonstrative of the fact that Israel's political and military establishment largely acknowledge that the status quo is unsustainable. However, a more immediate and effective option might be a U.N. administered airport inside Gaza that will allow a humanitarian air operation as well as removing the barrier to movement in and out of the Gaza Strip. This paper discusses the merits of such a proposal, which will help stabilize the Gaza Strip.

Key Points
  • An airport could help accelerate Gaza's re-development process and would relieve Gazans' inability to travel in and out of the Strip
  • Efforts to establish an airport in Gaza must account for the political, geographic, and military shifts in the Strip
  • The project should be implemented in phases, with the ultimate goal of establishing an airport that operates efficiently, effectively, and independent of Gaza's crumbling infrastructure
  • The United Nations has successfully conducted humanitarian air operations in countries impacted by conflict and natural disasters in the past, and can do so again
  • An airport would alleviate the suffering of Gazans while addressing Israeli and Egyptian security needs

U.N. Emergency Force Airport in Gaza (1950s and 60s)
Minister of National Defense of Canada Visits Canadian Troops Serving with the United Nations Emergency Force.17 June 1964, Gaza Airstrip.
U.N. Photo # 142575. Photo Source: United Nations Multimedia

U.N. Boeing 767 (Operated by Ethiopian Airlines) - Md Safat Shahriar Prottay. 2015
New Proposed Location on the Coast in Comparison to the Old Location of the Destroyed Gaza Airport in the South-Easternmost Tip of the Strip
Proposed Flight Paths to Connect Gaza with Four Countries on the Mediterranean
Design Concept for the Proposed UN-Operated Airport in Gaza
Air Traffic Control Zone - Below 10,000 Feet

Fleet Options
Example of a Large-Scale United Nations Humanitarian Air Operation
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