We sent out several Ahi Hospital updates in May, after the violence at the border. Your outpouring of support and love has made a difference in Ahli’s ability to treat the huge number of casualties. Thank you! We also received an email that simply asked: “Do you need a volunteer orthopedic surgeon?” It was from Jim Cobey, a U.S. surgeon who has worked and taught as a volunteer doctor all over the world with the Red Cross, the U.N., and USAID. Dr. Cobey arrived in Gaza on July 20 and immediately started his work. He is performing surgeries and supporting a minimal invasive surgery course at Ahli Hospital.

As a member of Physicians for Human Rights, Dr. Cobey shared in the Nobel Peace Prize in 1997 for the International Campaign to Ban Land Mines. He is on the left in the photo, next to Dr. Maher Ayyad, Ahli Hospital’s medical director.