The building of Gaza’s only Protestant church sustained minor damage in the latest round of fighting between Israel and Hamas, but the one dozen remaining congregation members are continuing the church’s sizeable outreach ministries despite the risk.

The Lord is miraculously preserving a witness for himself in Gaza—that is the only possible explanation for the continued survival of Gaza Baptist Church. There are now fewer than 1,100 Christians living in Gaza amidst 2 million Muslim Palestinians.

Warmly in Christ,
Pastor Foley and Dr. Foley
The Russian government often utilizes things like harassment, discrimination and even imprisonment (Persecution Scale), in order to intimidate and regulate churches and religious institutions.

Russia is doing that right now with two churches and a Lutheran seminary. Click here to read about these churches and seminary!
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Pray for North Koreans as they share the gospel with other North Koreans. 
Some North Koreans who hear the gospel on the radio share this content with other NKs – close family members or friends. This is very dangerous and can result in being sent to a concentration camp and then martyrdom. NKs who share in this way are aware of the dangers and the consequences. Please pray for boldness and wisdom for NKs who share gospel radio content with others. 
Pray for The Word of Life Pentecostal Church in Kaluga and the Resurrection Church of God in Oryol. 
These Russian churches have faced discrimination and harassment over the course of many years. Please pray that the Lord would grant wisdom to their pastors and that the members of these churches would continue to be bold in evangelism according to the power of the Holy Spirit.