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Cordial - Europe's Leading Cable Brand
Hal Leonard has entered into an exclusive distribution arrangement with Cordial, a German-based manufacturer of premium cables, mobile connectors and audio accessories. Their premium DNA is in every product, from the high-end PEAK series to the new ESSENTIALS standard line. Cordial has a solution for every connection application! 

Cordial Flier (shown at right)

Contact your Hal Leonard sales rep for details on our special introductory offer!
Acoustic Guitars
from Michael Kelly Guitars
Forte Exotic
JE Java Ebony
MSRP $519.99
MAP $349.99
Forte Port
MSRP $489.99
MAP $299.99
Forte Port X
Partial Eclipse
MSRP $699.99
MAP $449.99
Elise Ecklund Sunset with Long Neck
from Flight
There's something truly magical about a sunset. No matter where you are in the world, you can admire the beautiful colors streamed across the sky. - Elise Ecklund

Thanks to a wider arched ABS back, this uke has more volume in middle range than your average soprano, while also resonating better and sounding brighter. The headstock veneer of TUS-EE is made of linden and matches the color of the top. This model takes the original Elise Ecklund signature soprano uke, but instead includes a longer concert neck.

00346420 - Travel Series Soprano Uke - MSRP/MAP $69.99
Morley Pedals
Let Hal Leonard drop-ship any Morley 20/20 pedal to your customer! Now is a great time for a test drive of Morley at home! View a PDF of the Test Drive Program flier.
Need more details on the entire Morley lineup? View this video review on the entire series. Note: the video is presented in Japanese, but includes English subtitles.
Iconic Concepts
Artist branded gifts are great Christmas gift solutions for music fans everywhere. Take advantage of our special offer this fall and get 60% off MSRP.

Guitar Floor Amplifiers
00293808 - Ampero - MSRP $699.99/MAP now $429.99
00276699 - BritWind - MSRP $374.99/MAP now $169.99
00286413 - Loudster - MSRP $374.99/MAP now $149.99
00276700 - Mojo Attack - MSRP $374.99/MAP now $169.99
September & October Specials
from IK Multimedia
September Specials (Expires October 1st)
00286495 - iKlip 3 - MSRP $49.99/MAP now $39.99
00286499 - iKlip 3 Video - MSRP $49.99/MAP now $39.99
00286500 - iKlip 3 Deluxe - MSRP $69.99/MAP now $49.99
00158580 - iRig BlueTurn - MSRP $69.99/MAP now $49.99
00119919 - iRig Blueboard - MSRP $99.99/MAP now $69.99

October Specials (Valid October 1st-31st)
00291717 - AXE I/O - MSRP/MAP $349.99 $299.99
00337379 - AXE I/O Solo - MSRP/MAP $249.99 $199.99
00294406 - iRig Micro Amp - MSRP/MAP $149.99 $99.99
00275361 - iRig Stomp I/O - MSRP/MAP $299.99 $249.99
Spider Amp Instant Rebates
from Line 6
Enjoy the following instant rebates in effect through September 30th.

00298589 - Spider V 30 mkII - MSRP $307.99/MAP $219.99 - $10 rebate
00298590 - Spider V 60 mkII - MSRP $447.99/MAP $319.99 - $20 rebate
00298591 - Spider V 120 mkII - MSRP $601.99/MAP $429.99 - $30 rebate
00298592 - Spider V 240 mkII - MSRP $769.99/MAP $549.99 - $50 rebate
00298593 - Spider V 240C mkII - MSRP $699.99MAP $499.99 - $50 rebate
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