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Apogee One Mic
USB Audio Interface/Microphone
MSRP/MAP $275.00
HX Stomp
Multi-Effects Processor
MSRP $839.99/MAP $599.99
Samson R21
Dynamic Mic 3-Pack
00140015 - MAP $49.99
Dealer Cost $31.00
Hal Leonard now distributes the "boutique within reach" line of acoustic, electric & hybrid guitars, basses and mandolins. Affordable and strikingly beautiful with innovative enhancements. Have the Michael Kelly line anchor your guitar department or complement what you already stock.
Electric Guitars
Burl 60 Ultra Blue Burst
00347987 - MSRP $879.99/MAP $599.95
Patriot Instinct Bold/Custom Scorched
00347993 - MSRP $939.99/MAP $599.99
Triple 50 Black Burl
00347990 - MSRP $739.99/MAP $499.99
Triple 50 Gloss Black
00347991 - MSRP $739.99/MAP $499.99
Hybrid Electric/Acoustic Guitars
Hybrid 55 Tiger's Eye Burst
00348011 - MSRP $1,129.99/MAP $749.99
Hybrid Special Lefty Spalted Maple Burst
00348013 - MSRP $1,159.99/MAP $799.00
Hybrid Special Spalted Maple
00348012 - MSRP $1,159.99/MAP $799.00
Acoustic Guitars
Forte Exotic JE
00348016 - MSRP $519.99/MAP $349.99
Forte Port Natural
00348017 - MSRP $489.99/MAP $299.99
Forte Port X
00348018 - MSRP $699.99/MAP $449.99
Bass Guitars
Dragonfly 4 Acoustic
00348025 - MSRP $939.99/MAP $599.99
Dragonfly 5 Smokeburst
00348038 - MSRP $1,019.99/MAP $649.99
Vintage Element 4 Electric
00348023 - MSRP $749.99/MAP $499.99
Levy's Leathers
Standard Polyester Gig Bags (Black)
03719503 - Acoustic - MSRP $71.99/MAP $44.99
03719505 - Bass - MSRP $63.99/MAP $39.99
03719504 - Electric - MSRP $63.99/MAP $39.99
Deluxe Gig Bags (Tan)
MSRP $207.99/MAP $129.99
00334398 - Bass
00334400 - Dread Acoustic
00334401 - Electric Guitar
Test Drive & T-Shirts with Morley
Let Hal Leonard drop-ship any Morley 2020 pedal to your customer! With a qualifying purchase, your customers will get the free classic Morley Man T-shirt shown here and the guaranteed ability to return if not 100% satisfied. Now is a great time for a test drive of Morley at home!
Checkout the video homage to Mortal Kombat made by two shredding Morley pedal fanatics. Pedals featured in the video are as follows:
20/20 Lead Wah
00326389 - MSRP/MAP $149.00
Mini Michael Amott Wah
00286913 - MSRP $558.00/MAP $279.00
Soundwave Ukuleles
from Flight
Soundwave Pickup System
This new system uses phenomenal new technology to place control of the preamp and various effects at the fingertips of the player, whether the ukulele is plugged into an amplifier or not.
00347572 - MSRP/MAP $164.99

The new electro-acoustic ukuleles listed below feature the Soundwave pickup system and will arrive in stock in early August. Pre-order yours now!

Diana Ukulele (Princess Series)
00346418 - Concert - MSRP/MAP $399.99
00339742 - Tenor - MSRP/MAP $409.99

Sophia Ukulele (Princess Series
00346418 - Concert - MSRP/MAP $409.99
00339743 - Tenor - MSRP/MAP $419.99
Travel Series Ukuleles
Elise Ecklund Sunset Signature with Long Neck
00346420 - Model TUSL-EE
MSRP/MAP $69.99
Pink Soprano
Model TUS35
MSRP/MAP $49.99
Sakuralele Soprano
Model TUS32
MSRP/MAP $59.99
00345626 - Standard Neck
00329488 - Long Neck
TechAssist Bundle
from AirTurn
AirTurn introduces the TechAssist – your stay-at-home, work-at-home, learn-at-home assistant! This money-saving bundle includes the popular AirTurn goSTAND portable mic and tablet stand and MANOS universal tablet mount. Perfect support for small spaces, this bundle works for all devices from phones to large tablets – it's all you need!
Tech Assist Bundle
00356417 - MSRP/MAP $79.00

Also available separately:
00141979 - MSRP/MAP $49.00 -
00124310 - MSRP/MAP $49.00
Officially Licensed Professional Sports-Branded Gear
from Woodrow Guitars
Fans of professional sports are as vigorous as ever, especially with the MLB, NBA & NHL returning to action after a months-long hiatus due to the coronavirus. Hal Leonard distributes hundreds of sports branded gifts from manufacturer Woodrow Guitars to music retailers. Corner the market on teams from your state and enjoy deep discounts - contact your Hal Leonard sales rep for details. Browse Woodrow Guitar products available
VI Group Buy Program
from IK Multimedia
Buy one IK virtual instrument and get another free, with a chance for more! Expires August 31st. Click here for details from IK Multimedia

00323144 - iRig Keys 2 - $129.99
00323145 - iRig Keys 2 Pro - $149.99
Powercab Specials & More
from Line 6
Enjoy the following temporary MAP reductions from Line 6!

Valid through August 31st:
00345322 - HX Stomp (White) - MSRP $839.99/MAP $649.99 now $599.99
00156361 - Relay G10 - MSRP $249.99/MAP $179.99 now $159.99
00290088 - Relay G10S - MSRP $349.99/MAP $249.99 now $224.99

Valid through September 4th-7th:
00345322 - HX Stomp (White) - MSRP $839.99/MAP $649.99 now $599.99
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