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Powercab 212 Plus
Active Stereo Guitar Speaker System from Line 6
The Powercab® 212 Plus active stereo guitar speaker system was specifically designed for use with professional modelers. If you are happy with your moderler's onboard cabinet models and just want to hear the sound of your presets amplified, simply connect your modeler to Powercab 212 Plus, select Flat (FRFR) mode, and play.

00300431 - MSRP $1959.00/MAP $1,399.00
Limited Edition Combo Guitar Pedal from Walrus Audio
Two of Walrus Audio's best-selling pedals combined into one for a limited time! This combo pedal features the ARP-87 multi-function delay guitar pedal and the Fathom multi-function reverb pedal with exclusive art work.

00322809 - MSRP/MAP $349.00
Iron Horse V2 for Halloween 2019
Limited Edition Distortion Guitar Pedal from Walrus Audio
The Iron Horse V2 is a return to the classic distortion: thick, punchy, riffy and rowdy. The true bypass, high gain behemoth has been updated to help steer the stallion or let the reins loose for full on distorted onslaught. Dial back the gain and it can be used as a thick, warm overdrive.

00324124 - MSRP/MAP $199.00

NOTE: The release of this product is confidential to the public until
October 24, 2019
New 20/20 Series Pedals
Switchless Optical Wah Pedals from Morley Pedals
20/20 Wah Boost
Switchless, Optical Wah Pedal with 20dbBoost
00326367 - Model MTMK2 - MSRP/MAP $159.00

20/20 Wah Lock
Switchless, Optical Wah Pedal with 3 Modes:
Wah, Whoa & Wah Lock
00326388 - Model MTG3 - MSRP/MAP $169.00

20/20 Lead Wah
Switchless, Optical Wah Guitar Pedal
00326389 - Model MTLW - MSRP/MAP $149.00
Also available in the 20/20 Series:
00321372 - 20/20 Bad Horsie Wah
00321373 - 20/20 Power Wah
00321374 - 20/20 Power Wah Volume
Guitar Strings Demo Video
from Augustine Strings
Augustine Strings filmed two of their classical guitarists doing comparative demonstrations and revelations about the Classic , Regal , Imperial and Paragon treble strings.

Order all Augustine Strings product for your store to support the various needs of nylon-stringed player!
Online Guitar Video Tutorials
Get more details on Groove 3 today!

New Bass Amp & Cabinets
from Hartke
Lightweight Class D Combo Amplifer
Features include: 500 watts of power - Four 8" HyDrive paper/aluminum hybrid cone drivers - 3-band (Bass, Mid, Treble) EQ - XLR direct output - 1/8" stereo aux input - 1/4" headphone output - 1/4" bass input - Effects loop
00298603 - MSRP $909.99/MAP $699.99

210XL V2
2 x 10" Bass Cabinet
Features include: 200 watts of power - 10″ proprietary aluminum cone drivers - Frequency Response: 50Hz-5kHz - 2 x 1/4″ inputs (wired in parallel) - Single-chamber, sealed cabinet
00298832 - MSRP $379.99/MAP $279.99

410XL V2
4 x 10" Bass Cabinet
Features include: 400 watts of power - 10″ proprietary aluminum cone drivers - Frequency Response: 30Hz-5kHz - 2 x 1/4″ inputs (wired in parallel) - Tuned dual-chamber, dual-ported cabinet
00298833 - MSRP $540.99/MAP $399.99
MultiZorber OC703DR
24x48 Single Acoustic Panels from Geerfab Acoustics
The groundbreaking MultiZorber OC703DR is the first time in retail history that a single acoustic product can be used in three ways; as a wall panel; as a ceiling-mounted cloud; and as a corner bass trap. These new panels feature a D-ring mounting system (pictured in the photo at the far right), allowing for the easiest, least instrusive wall mounting of any acoustic panel as well as corner and ceiling mounting.

Now in stock!
00291185 - Black - MSRP $159.95/MAP $129.95
00291186 - Coin - MSRP $159.95/MAP $129.95
00291187 - Bone - MSRP $159.95/MAP $129.95
New Artist Wall Posters
from Aquarius
These artist posters measures 24" x 36" inches (61 x 92 cm) and are an ideal size for any standard frame. Lightweight and low-glare satin finish paper creates photo quality poster art for your home decor. All poster prints are carefully rolled and packed. $9.99 each
00323308 - AC/DC (Highway to Hell)
00323306 - Blondie
00323307 - Purple Rain (Prince)
00323303 - Queen (Freddie Mercury)
00323304 - Rolling Stones (Logo)
00323305 - Amy Winehouse
Artist-Branded Products for
2020 Rock Hall of Fame Nominees
Nominees for induction into the Class of 2020 in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame were announced on October 15th. Congratulations to these nominees - make sure the officially licensed accessories listed below are in your store!

00182863 - Black Slapband with Pint Glass 2-Pack - $24.99
00182861 - Black Slapband 2-Pack - $8.99
00252425 - Miniature Guitar Replica - $42.99
00244212 - Single White Slapband with Pint Glass - $12.99
00182862 - White Slapband with Pint Glass 2-Pack - $24.99
00182860 - White Slapband 2-Pack - $8.99

Judas Priest
00750427 - In-Ear Buds - $19.99

Notorious B.I.G.
00750439 - In-Ear Buds - $19.99
New IK Multimedia Policy
IK Multimedia requests immediately that retailers do not sell on third party platforms including Amazon’s Marketplace. Read IK Multimedia's reseller policy here , or email IK Multimedia with questions on this new policy. Thank you!

AirTurn Display
Get an extra 10% rebate when you build an AirTurn display to your store! The display can include any AirTurn pedal plus GoStand portable tripod (HL00141979) and Manos/Sidekick Combo Pack (HL00131411). Offer expires December 31, 2019.

Instant Rebates
from Line 6
Dealer cost will be reduced by half the rebate amount for these end-consumer instant rebates. Valid through October 31st.
00265195 - HX Effects - $100 instant rebate
 00156361 - Relay G10 - $20 instant rebate
Test Drive Dealer Pedal Program
from Morley Pedals
Morley presents a dealer program that features their new line of USA made pedals, with all the best features at reasonable prices and incentives to make this an exciting reason to visit your store. 100% returnability guaranteed - that's the Morley Security! See dealer program details

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