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Thanks to all who participated in NAMM's 2021 Believe in Music online convention in January, especially those who took time to visit our MI Products virtual booth, meet with our sales staff and place an order. It was our pleasure to show you the newest and best-selling MI products available from Hal Leonard.
Best in Show Winners!
Congratulations to IK Multimedia & TASCAM for the Best in Show honors they earned from the NAMM U Panel at the close of Believe in Music Week.

iRig Video Creator Series (IK Multimedia)
Gotta Stock It! Winner
00345996 - Video Creator Bundle - MSRP/MAP $99.99
00345997 - Video Creator HD Bundle - MSRP/MAP $199.99
00346001 - Mic Video Creator Bundle - MSRP/MAP $169.99

Gotta Stock It! Winner
00334307 - Mid/Instrument Interface for iOS - $89.99

New Reference Guides
2021 Addendum - This 32-page summary shows images, descriptions, item numbers and prices for all the latest music technology products available from Hal Leonard.

2021 Line Card - Can't keep track of which manufacturers have products sold through Hal Leonard? Check out this updated line card.
Loog Pro Electric
with Built-In Amp
from Loog Guitars
With Loog’s 3-string Loog Pro Electric guitar and its accompanying app, kids as young as 8 can learn to play songs – not just scales or exercises – on day one. This gives them a sense of accomplishment that stimulates them to keep going. The new Loog electric guitars also come with a built-in amp. $179.99 each
00363757 - Black
00363756 - Green
00363760 - Pink
00363755 - Red
00363758 - White
00363759 - Yellow
New Models from Michael Kelly Guitars
Hal Leonard is pleased to add several more top-notch guitar models from Michael Kelly Guitars to our warehouse. Contact your Hal Leonard sales rep for more details.

1955 Custom Collection Electric Guitar
00363914 - Striped Ebony - MSRP $879.99/MAP $599.99

Element 4 Electric Bass
00362610 - Trans Red - MSRP $579.99/MAP $399.99
00362609 - Yellow Burst - MSRP $579.99/MAP $399.99

Element 5 Electric Bass
00362610 - Trans Red - MSRP $599.99/MAP $419.99
00362611 - Yellow Burst - MSRP $599.99/MAP $419.99

Patriot Decree OP Electric Guitar
00362616 - Faded Black - MSRP $579.99/MAP $399.99
00362614 - Tobacco Burst - MSRP $579.99/MAP $399.99
00362615 - Trans Red - MSRP $579.99/MAP $399.99
00362613 - Lefty: Faded Black - MSRP $579.99/MAP $399.99
Red Panda - Now in Stock!
Founded in 2009, Red Panda designs and manufactures DSP-based pedals for experimentally minded musicians. These effects pedals combine modern signal processing techniques with the character of classic digital hardware. Hal Leonard is proud to now distribute products from this Detroit-based boutique pedal company.
Also available:
00364903 - Bit Buffer (Noise Reduction Device) - MSRP/MAP $79.00
00364902 - Bit Mixer (Mixer for Pedalboards) - MSRP/MAP $149.00
00364904 - Remote 4 (Switchboard Pedal) - MSRP/MAP $99.00
Honeytone Mini Amp
from Danelectro
The Honeytone captures vintage tone in an ultra-compact design with volume/tone/overdrive controls, a real leather handle, and an optional belt clip. Perfect for playing quietly in your room, the Honeytone looks just as good sitting on a desk as it does clipped to a belt. Just $39.95!
00364377 - Aqua
00364378 - Black
00364379 - Burgundy
Danelectro - Now Available!
Danelectro has been a music instruments and accessories manufacturer since 1947. Their primary focus in the 21st century has been in the design of guitar effects pedals, as well as the Honeytone mini amp.
For a limited time, you can buy 3 pedals & get 2 free,
or buy 5 & get 2 free!
Ask your Hal Leonard sales rep for details.
3699 fUZZ
MSRP/MAP $199.00
Back Talk
MSRP/MAP $199.00
The Breakdown
MSRP/MAP $149.00
The Eisenhower Fuzz
MSRP/MAP $149.00
MSRP/MAP $199.00
Looking for more effects pedals?
Hal Leonard has you covered! Click on the links provided below to browse through even more guitar & bass pedals from top manufacturers available through Hal Leonard:
UNO Synth Pro
Next-Generation Analog from IK Multimedia
These models offer next-generation analog for everyone! They both have a dual-filter, 3-oscillator paraphonic design with 256 presets, a new 64-step sequencer, an expanded CV/Gate and audio connections. Intro video
UNO Synth Pro
Stage-ready unit in a compact metal housing with 37 premium Fatar synth-action keys.
00364498 - MSRP/MAP $649.99

UNO Synth Pro Desktop
This ultra-lightweight and compact unit is designed for tabletop use.
00364499 - MSRP/MAP $399.99
Snark Tuners
Hal Leonard is now a reliable source for the world's most popular clip-on tuners from Snark®! Add these tuners on to orders under free goods programs and you can increase your margins by 10-20%! Contact your Hal Leonard sales rep for more details or to place your order now.

Buy 20, Get 4 Free!
Silver Snark SIL-1 (All Instruments)
00364368 - $19.99
Buy 30, Get 6 Free -or- Buy 10, Get 1 Free
Super Tight ST-2 (All Instruments)
00364369 - $39.00
Super Tight ST-8 (All Instruments)
00364370 - $39.00
Super Tight ST-8 HZ (All Instruments)
00364371 - $39.00

Buy 10, Get 1 Free
9-Volt Power Supply SA-1
00364375 - $19.95
Buy 30, Get 4 Free -or- Buy 20, Get 1 Free
Snark SN-1X (Guitar/Bass)
00364372 - $29.00
Snark SN-5X (Guitar/Bass/Violin)
00364373 - $19.00
Snark SN-6X (Ukulele)
00364374 - $19.00

Buy 10, Get 2 Free
Daisy Chain Adapter Cable SA-2
00364376 - $9.95
Sell Cordial Cables Today!
Want to hear the difference when you use a Cordial cable? Contact your Hal Leonard sales rep and we’ll send you samples to use in your store or lesson rooms. Hear the difference and sell the best with Cordial Cables! 

View Cordial Cables brochure (pictured at right)
iRig Display Special
from IK Multimedia
Buy 8 of the iRig 2 and get a free countertop display (90013388) and get an extra 5% off. Ask your sales rep for details.

00142930 - iRig 2 (Digital Guitar Interface) - MSRP/MAP $39.99
Bundle Packs & Rebates
from Line 6
Here are exciting bundled promos where the end consumer can get free goods. Please contact your Hal Leonard sales rep for details on execution.

The following offers expire on February 28th:
00329238 - POD Go (comes with free Relay G10 00156361) - MAP $659.98
00284678 - HX Stomp (comes with free Relay with free G10 00156361) - MAP $779.98
00265195 - HX Effects (comes with free Relay with free G10 00156361) - MAP $779.98
00156361 - Relay G10 ($20 instant rebate) - MAP $179.99
00290088 - Relay G10S ($50 instant rebate) - MAP $249.99

The following offers expire on March 31st:
00300875 - Helix Floor Multi FX (with free Helix Backpack 00235952) - $1,699.99
00233656 - Helix LT (comes with free Relay G10S 00290088) - MAP $1,449.98
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