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Get Ready for Fall & the Holiday Sales Season!
Back to school is in the rearview mirror and autumn is almost here, with the fourth quarter and the holiday selling season just around the corner. Ask your Hal Leonard sales rep how you can get FREE FREIGHT with a qualifying order of music instruments, gear and accessories to help maximize your profit to close out the year!
Spider V 20 M k II
Guitar Amplifier from Line 6
There should be no such thing as "just" a practice amp, because inspiration should never be hampered by limitations or boring sounds. The Spider® V 20 MkII amp delivers authentic and inspiring tones instantly, making it a perfect partner for running down licks, writing songs, and experimenting with cool guitar textures at home or on the road.

00323491 - MSRP $179.99/MAP $129.99

NOTE: The release of this product is confidential to the public until October 1, 2019
Test Drive Dealer Pedal Program
from Morley Pedals
Morley is debuting a dealer program that features their new line of USA made pedals, with all the best features at reasonable prices and incentives to make this an exciting reason to visit your store. The new 20/20 Test Drive Pedal program invites players to plug into a new Morley with 100% returnability guaranteed. That's the Morley Security!
EB-10 Preamp/EQ/Boost
Guitar Effects Pedals from Walrus Audio
A tone tweaker's delight, the EB-10 works as a preamp, EQ and boost to meticulously craft your guitar's sound, allowing for studio-grade electric guitar tone in a live setting. Each rotary knob offers up to 12dB of boost OR cut of low, mid, and high frequencies, based on where you have the toggle switches set. When the Boost switch is engaged, add a 10dB MOSFET boost for some great extra punch.

00323220 - Black - MSRP/MAP $229.00
00323221 - Cream - MSRP/MAP $229.00

NOTE: The release of this product is confidential to the public until
September 23, 2019
Performance 3 Art Capo
from G7th
The Performance 3 is the culmination of years of designing, tweaking, and improving – but most important, listening to guitarists and their views on what a capo should do. Now, coupling our Unique Tension Control system with the ground-breaking ART string pad mechanism gives a near-perfect capo experience.

00319983 - Black - MSRP $69.99/MAP $54.99
00319984 - Silver - MSRP $69.99/MAP $54.99
00319985 - Gold - MSRP $89.99/MAP $69.99
Loog Guitars on TV
Loog Guitars was recently highlighted as one of the top back-to-school tech items on the TODAY show. Watch the video by clicking here or on the image at right, and contact your Hal Leonard sales rep to order Loog Guitars today. Browse Loog Guitars available
Online Guitar Video Tutorials
Get more details on Groove 3 today!

New Artist-Branded Gifts
from Aquarius
Chunky Magnets
00319647 - Fender Stratocaster - $5.99
00319653 - Pink Floyd: Back Art - $5.99

Beverage Mugs
00319646 - Elvis Presley: Enlistment - $9.99
Holiday Ornaments
from Unique Engineering Corp.
Attention Eddie Van Halen fans! These artist-approved 6-inch miniature guitar replicas of two of EVH's most iconic axes are now available as holiday ornaments. They make the perfect gift for guitarists and Van Halen fans alike!

00282020 - Frankenstein (Red/Black) - $27.95
00282021 - Bumble Bee (Yellow/Black) - $27.95 - Coming soon!
00282022 - Franky (White/Black) - $27.95 - Coming soon!
Baseball's Penant Chase Heats Up
Every year, late September brings the peak of excitement of the Major League Baseball season as the best teams throughout the American and National Leagues vie to make the playoffs. Make sure you have music gear featuring officially licensed artwork from these teams in your store!

2019 NFL Season Underway
The 2019 National Football League season has begun, and Hal Leonard is proud to carry music gear from Woodrow Guitars featuring officially licensed artwork from all 32 teams. Make sure you have plenty of these items for your local fan favorites in time for the holiday gift season!

AirTurn Display
Get an extra 10% rebate when you build an AirTurn display to your store! The display can include any AirTurn pedal plus GoStand portable tripod (HL00141979) and Manos/Sidekick Combo Pack (HL00131411). Offer expires December 31, 2019.

Rebates & Discounts
from Line 6
Summer Powercab 10% Off Special (Valid through September 30th)
Purchase two Powercab 112s, two Powercab 112 Plus's, or one of each and get 10% off MAP at purchase .
00277162 - Powercab 112 - MSRP $839.99 - MAP $599.99
00277163 - Powercab 112 Plus - MSRP $1,199.99 - MAP $799.99

Instant Rebates (Valid through October 31st)
Dealer cost will be reduced by half the rebate amount for these end-consumer instant rebates.
00265195 - HX Effects - $100 instant rebate
 00156361 - Relay G10 - $20 instant rebate

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