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The Fox Cities is one of the country's best-kept secrets. We know that we live in a special community; we also understand that to grow our economy into the future, we have to tell our story.
This newsletter contains some of those stories of how and why business expansions and relocations, partnerships, career opportunities, real estate, placemaking, etc. are Made Better Here. We encourage you to share them with colleagues, let us know your opinions, be inspired and remember that the best is yet to come! 

The Fox Cities Regional Partnership is an economic development organization supported by more than 50 public and private sector investors. We are also your community resource; if you are looking to grow or relocate within our region or know of a company that is, don't hesitate to reach out to us.
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Manny Vasquez
Vice President, Economic Development
Fox Cities Regional Partnership
Success in the Fox Cities
The life of Appleton entrepreneur Orville "Orv" Kositzke was changed forever after he tried his first bite of authentic Chicago-style pizza. It inspired him to open Orv's Pizza in 1963, which merged with another pizzeria and became part of local favorite Bernatello's Foods in 2012. 

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Site selectors from the "Driving Forward FAM Tour" - a regional business attraction collaboration - proclaim "The world is ready to hear from Wisconsin."

Nearly 90 students attended the latest Talent Upload - our award-winning talent attraction program focused on computer science, IT and engineering.

Southpark Industrial Center
expansion area
1712 Dixie Road, Neenah
up to 60 acres, divisible

"We knew there was probably no better place in 
America to raise a family."
Learn why young professionals are choosing the Fox Cities.

Looking to expand your network, form new friendships and brainstorm fresh ideas among peers? Check out Pulse Young Professionals Network.

Economists are ditching the unemployment rate for the participation rate when ranking economic vitality of metro areas. Find out the differences.

INVESTOR SPOTLIGHT: Appleton International Airport
The Appleton International Airport (ATW) made the change from its original name, Outagamie County Regional Airport, this summer. Fueled by a people-powered approach, ATW is a valuable asset to our community that continuously promotes aviation and fosters economic development by operating one of the most effective and efficient airports in Northeast Wisconsin. Learn why ATW is so "Quick, Close and Convenient" at:

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