April 2023

We’re only a few weeks into spring, but TBC is already looking ahead to an exciting summer with the Trinity Education for Excellence Program (TEEP)! This year, we’re thrilled to welcome a TEEP alum back as Associate Director.

Nick Dell joined TBC staff last month, but his journey with TEEP began when he was a 7th grader in 2008. He remained involved through high school in the Leadership Development Program, and as a counselor through college. He is excited to return to TEEP in a staff leadership role after working in mental health case management and human resources.

Nick said, “I thought coming back to TEEP would be a great way to bring what I’ve learned and give the students all that TEEP has given me.”

TEEP is a 5-week summer program that includes academic enrichment, leadership development, peer mentorship, paid employment, and high school and college admissions support. 

A typical day starts with a centering values discussion in morning meeting followed by sessions focused on developing academic confidence and a love of learning through project-based curricula. In the afternoon, TEEPers are engaged in experiential learning through field trips that promote self-efficacy, community connectedness, and resilience.

High schoolers in the Leadership Development Program (LDP) serve as paid counselors and mentors to their younger peers. They also receive training and coaching in developing personal goals and professional skills.

Nick adds: “TEEP gave me a lot of confidence. I wasn’t always the smartest in the class, but TEEP made me feel I could do well if I put my mind to it.”

As an LDPer, he built life skills like punctuality and organization that he took with him into the workplace. In parallel, he developed core values of respect, responsibility, restraint, reciprocity, and redemption (known as TEEP’s “5 R’s”). He feels that TEEP helped shape him into the person he is today, sharing, “If the world knew the 5 R’s, it’d be a better place.”

Nick is excited for the summer ahead. He’s particularly looking forward to the field trips he’s been planning with TEEP Director, Jason Greene, and to continuing to grow as a leader.

He says, “It’s really important for students to relate to people in leadership. I plan on bringing a positive energy like I did as a counselor and letting them know we’re here for them.”

Applications are Open through April!

Please share the following opportunities with a young person who might be interested in a fun summer with TEEP!

middle school application
high school (LDP) application

We’re also looking for music, art, ELA, and math teachers! Contact Jason Greene at jgreene@trinityconnects.org for details. 

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