Oct. 5, 2015 
Legislative Session 2016:  A Look Ahead

Fall has finally hit West Virginia and over here at The Hub, we are working with our partners to gear up for the 2016 legislative session. The 82nd WV Legislature will go back into session in 15 short weeks. What are you doing to make sure you make the most of the session?

Are you ready to advocate for your issue? The Hub is here to help you develop the strategy that will have the greatest impact. 

If you're still trying to figure out how to make your Good Ideas into Great Law,  invite us to meet with your team or community.

We have a great training available to help you identify solutions and craft a local or state policy strategy, build a team, start your communications plan and understand all the ins and outs of lobbying restrictions.

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Big Races + New Faces in the Legislature
Photo courtesy Martin Valent/WV Legislative Photography
Over the past few months much of the state political news has been focused on the gear-up to the 2016 Governor's race.

But a number of legislative seats have changed in the State House and Senate chambers with little fanfare or note.

A Critical Moment for West Virginia 
There's no doubt - West Virginia is at a critical moment in its history. Economically and socially, our state is at a crossroads and its people are pondering what a new future will look like.

Well-known commentator Hoppy Kercheval summed up the moment perfectly on his MetroNews blog recently.

"It's a huge challenge, but if we are as tough and proud as we think we are, then it's also an opportunity."

Mind If We Pick Your Brain for a Moment?
The Legislative Hubbub is written as a resource for West Virginia's community development network.

And so we want to know what are the things you want to hear about.

What information are you looking for from us during the session?

Take a couple of clicks and help us learn what you're after!

Our Children, Our Future 2015 Policy Summit - 
Campaign Rallies Kids and Families Behind Positive Political Change
Over the past 3 years, the Our Children, Our Future campaign - of which The Hub is a proud partner - has taken the grassroots ideas of young people, families and their advocates and turned them into real legislative change.

And now, after a public ballot process in which more than 2,300 West Virginians voted for their favorite policy suggestions, Our Children, Our Future is close to forming its platform for the 2016 session.

What's Happening, When.
The Dates You'll 
Want to Remember.
From the interims to the session dates, there's some important legislative landmarks scheduled for the coming months.

Who Knew? 
YouTube, Facebook and Other 21st Century Tools to Stay Informed.
We're always looking for new ways to stay in the loop about the going-ons at the State Capitol.

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