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August 2018

   When I prepare to meet with people who are learning about humanism for the first time, I reflect on how I can best articulate my values. When I watch the daily news with a reluctant "need to know" mind and heart, I reflect on how I can best live my values. When I take part in an international conference, seeking common ground with people of disparate religious beliefs, I reflect on how I can best walk my talk! 
   Brain researchers have posited that human values can be viewed objectively as universal determinants in all human decision making. Indeed, our deepest values are revealed by how we actually live our lives. The practice of fully living the values one espouses is an ideal aspiration. And it's a challenge. 
   Yale Humanist Community focuses on values, ethical exploration, connection, and service. Our vision statement is now one year old and it continues to inspire people from diverse backgrounds and paths:  People united by values not divided by beliefs . It's a vision I think the Dalai Lama himself would embrace as he has written "I do not agree that ethics requires grounding in religious concepts or faith. Instead, I firmly believe that ethics can emerge simply as a natural and rational response to our very humanity and our common human condition."
   I am excited to announce that YHC is partnering with the Diversity and Spirituality Network to offer a special workshop that explores the idea of "walking the talk". The workshop will take place on Saturday afternoon, Sept. 29th, in New Haven, and I encourage you to  click here  for information and registration. If you are unable to join us in New Haven but would be interested in participating in this workshop through a future webinar, please let us know. I look forward to discussing and exploring with you as we commit to walking our talk.

Yours for the good cause,

Our mission...explore ethical values.

YHC was recognized at the Opening Ceremony of the Reimagining Interfaith conference in Washington, D.C., July 29! 
As a co-sponsor of an international conference that had nearly 400 registrants representing a diversity of religious and philosophical traditions, we were proud to bring the Humanist voice to the interfaith table! 

YHC Executive Director and Yogi DevaRaj of India (both in center) led a Humanist & Hindu spiritual focus session on the shared value of silence. This photo includes just some of the participants from 6 different countries.

A panel discussing "Navigating a Spiritual Landscape in Transition" included representation from Christianity, Hinduism, Humanism, Islam, and Sikhism.
Our mission...find inspiration and meaning through connection.

YHC Executive Director will be speaking at the Unitarian Society of New Haven and all are welcome to attend!
Sunday, Aug. 12 at 10:30am 
700 Hartford Turnpike, Hamden

The message is Connecting the Dots: The Importance of Connection in a Chaotic World. If you live in New Haven and need transportation to Hamden, please let us know by emailing or calling by August 9th.

We are looking forward to welcoming students back to campus this month!
Incoming and returning undergrad students will be greeted at a YHC booth at the Extracurricular Activities Bazaar thanks to awesome undergrad Louisa Graden! If you are a returning student and would like to help in these efforts let us know.

Here's what Louisa has to say about humanism:
This is what a Humanist looks like!
This is what a Humanist looks like!

YHC's new location
323 Temple Street in New Haven
We are enjoying our new location on the corner of Wall and Temple Street. We're close to Silliman College, have plenty of parking for our Sunday gatherings, and have a lovely quiet space for existential counseling. 
Please call or email if you'd like to stop by.

Contact  Us
                     Call: 203-900-7942   Mail:   323 Temple St.  New Haven, 06511

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Facebook:  /YaleHumanists
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