Memorial Day Weekend!

Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of summer and a time to honor fallen heroes. As you gather with friends and family, we know you'll be cooking some amazing food. We have a lot of recipe ideas to help you to kick it off.

  1. Blend everything in a food processor or blender until smooth.
  2. Optionally add in small pieces of fruit for more texture.
  3. Pour into popsicle molds and freeze.
Ghee is a great natural fire starter as an alternative to chemical lighter fluids or other chemical fire starters!
Try it this Memorial Day!

  1. Peel and thinly slice the green bananas. (You may want to wear gloves to keep sticky residue from getting on your hands.)
  2. Turn stove to 350 degrees F, or until you drop a breadcrumb in and it turns golden brown. Melt the ghee in a saucepan. You will need enough to fry the bananas, (about a third of the way full).
  3. When ghee is melted, place a handful of the banana slices in. Add a small pinch of salt.
  4. When golden brown, remove the chips from the ghee and place on a paper towel. Add the next batch of chips and repeat until all the banana slices are fried.
  5. Coat the bottom of a bowl in turmeric powder and place the fried banana chips in. Toss or stir until the chips are lightly coated in turmeric powder.

Note: Banana chips should be room temperature before storage. This will keep them from becoming soggy.
Funny story...

By now, you’ve probably seen pictures like the ones above on our Instagram account. There’s a funny story behind the backdrop. It’s actually my back deck, which…I’ve now been told I can never refinish. 🤣 You see, it’s old and weathered now. The paint is chipped and mostly gone. Years of snow and icy winters and baking in the hot summer sun has left it looking this way. People pay good money for photography backdrops like this one. All ours cost was a little neglect! See…it started with flour...