From its humble beginnings over six years ago, the Green Schools Conference and Expo has grown and evolved into one of the most transformative events I have ever been a part of.  Yet, some things have remained the same: the energy and enthusiasm of the participants, the learning and sharing of stories, and the collective desire to make our schools green, healthy, and sustainable environments for the next generation of sustainability natives and leaders. 
The School District of Philadelphia is a recognized leader in successfully implementing the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Indoor Air Quality Tools for Schools model to create healthy indoor environments for its students.  Now, the district is taking a big leap forward with an anticipated Spring 2016 release of its first-ever sustainability plan, GreenFutures.  Inspired by the City of Philadelphia's Greenworks initiative, a city-wide sustainability plan that targeted energy, environment, equity, economy, and engagement, GreenFutures sets a new standard for sustainability and student education for the city's schools.

Mandy Breuer, Principal at Environmental Charter High School, and Joel Tolman, Director of Impact and Engagement at Common Ground, talk about the meaning of catalyst schools and how their schools have played a role in affecting real change in their respective regions. 

Learn from Jenna Cramer, LEED AP, Vice President of Transportation and Community, Green Building Alliance, what's so unique about the School Sustainability Culture Program created by the Green & Healthy Schools Academy. 
Greg Christian of Beyond Green Sustainable Food Partners and Karen Dittrich of Creatif Leaf Marketing lay out the steps which guide them in building sustainable school food systems. 
Jenny Wiedower and Anisa Baldwin Metzger, U.S. Green Building Council, Center for Green Schools, give a sneak peek of what to expect from each of the five Solution Summits being offered at this year's Green Schools Conference and Expo.   
Charles Orgbon III, founder of Greening Forward, shares his thoughts on the green schools movement and the important role the Student Summit plays in inspiring environmental leadership.
Carter and Olivia Ries, co-founders of One More Generation, discuss what drove them to start their own nonprofit, and to develop a curriculum that teaches students about plastic pollution and the steps they can take to address the issue. 
Peter King and Jason Benedict of King + King Architects discuss how a middle school renovation is providing them and their research partners a unique and time-sensitive opportunity to study the effects of changes in the students' physical environment on their learning and problem solving skills. 
Green Challenges provide easy access points for incorporating environmental themes into school culture, and help green schools get back to the basics. Reprinted with permission from Green Teacher magazine and originally authored by Naomi Dietzel Hershiser. 
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