January 2023

It's A Brand New Year!

It's January 2023...already! Time really flies when you are having fun and helping support the amazing people we get the great pleasure of getting to know daily at RPSV. It's so uplifting!

As we look forward to the months ahead and loads of exciting opportunities, we just want to take a moment to thank you for being with us! We very much appreciate your support!

Did you make New Year's Resolutions? We sure did! Some of our goals for the coming year...






Always look forward with great anticipation! Love your life experiences! Smile! Enjoy 2023!

Looking Back

December was a busy time for RPSV as so many kind people stood with us to help support those we serve! From Freedom Bank who took up our call-to-action when we shared our urgent need for warm items for the homeless adults we serve to Northwest Federal Credit Union who kindly donated $200 worth of cookies for our Cookie Walk for the Homeless that warmed the hearts of those without a home in our community.

These are just two examples of people that helped lift up individuals in recovery across Northern Virginia last month. #amazing! With friends like these and everyone who supports RPSV, our future and those of our participants is, well, golden!

Read on to learn what happened at our centers and online last month. We are glad you are here!

In Annandale

(Consumer Wellness Center)

From homelessness to housing:

"I was in the Salvation Army Sober Living program for eight months. When I completed the program I needed housing. Thanks to CWC's Joel Franks I secured a one-bedroom apartment. I am so excited!"

"Joel, thank you! It's been a pleasure. I thank you for your help!" - EB

Way to go, Joel, and congratulations EB!

In Arlington

(Arlington Peer Recovery Center)

APRC's brief closure last month has really paid off. Center staff and participants are really enjoying the renovated space!

After APRC resumed normal service it was business as usual as participants took advantage of the many programs and services offered.

Arlington's Birthday Brigade member, Natalie F., dropped by a delicious cake to help usher in the holidays. We appreciate it so much. Participants always treasure being remembered! We are happy to report that everyone is thriving at the center.

Arlington County recently launched an emergency response system and is encouraging everyone to sign up for alerts. They will share vital information in case of emergencies (like pending inclement weather). Please help spread the word and register too!

Sign up here

Also in Arlington

Success in the making!

NJ has been coming to APRC for employment support in reference to revising his resume, attending virtual/in-person groups, and fellowshipping with other participants.


NJ shared that he was recently hired full-time at a prominent dealership as a car detailer. NJ is so excited because at one point, he shared, he was about to throw in the towel because he was getting frustrated and depressed due to the challenges he was experiencing during his process of seeking employment. 


NJ said he is so grateful for all the support and hope he obtained from the staff and participants at APRC. He further shared that he learned from working with RPSV that he is not alone and that he must do his part by showing up and asking for help.

What a fantastic story! Congratulations, NJ. We are so proud of you! As we often say at RPSV, recovery is possible! You just have to reach out by walking into our centers or joining us online. We are here for you!

In Reston

(Reston Wellness Center)

A special note to Mike Donaghy, RPSV's RWC Program Coordinator from a paricipant:

"Dear Mike, thanks for all the help you provided to me this year. I am in desperate need of medical care and housing, both of which you are working really hard to help me secure. I look forward to a speedy recovery from the issues I am facing. I appreciate you taking

the time and attention

 to assist me in this

dire hour of need."

- ML, Jr.

We wish you the best, ML! Great job, as always, Mike!

In South County Alexandria

 (South County Recovery and Drop-In Center)

SCRDIC continues to attract new participants and donors as more and more people are learning about the worthwhile services the center offers in the Mt. Vernon/Lee communities!

In December, the Council of Catholic Women (CCW), donated 42 bags of toiletries that were handed out at the center's holiday party. They brought a cake by for the festivities too. Absolutely lovely! Thank you to the CCW for supporting those we serve!

As promised, here are photos from the holiday party hosted by Within-Christ Ministry for SCRDIC last month. A great time was had by all!

Thank you to the ministry and everyone who supported RPSV, SCRDIC, and each of our centers during the holidays, and all throughout the year! We value you!

More from SCRDIC

EW has been attending SCRDIC since 2020 and has been trying to stop drinking alcohol. He admits it has been a challenge for him.

EW recently shared with Program Coordinator at SCRDIC, Gary Workman, that he has secured a job at a local car wash.

Gary showered well deserved praise on EW for striving to move forward in life.

Gary believes that EW's attendance in RPSV's virtual and in-person support groups were a large part of his special motivation to try. His peers have been very encouraging and EW was inspired by the support.

We are SO proud of EW for doing what it takes to move toward recovery. What a great story to start the new year!

Nice work, Gary. You are amazing.

A Busy Month for RPSV's Virtual Team

The holiday season is often challenging for those we serve, especially those experiencing loneliness or sadness often brought on due to this special time of year.

RPSV focused on helping individuals navigate the holiday season through a series of special programs. These included

  • Two Watch Parties where individuals came together to view some fun movies -- just because
  • Four WRAP-centric virtual programs that helped individuals develop stronger coping skills related to being alone for the holidays using WRAP principles
  • RPSV's one-on-one Zoom chats available on Christmas Day
  • Our annual Christmas Day virtual support group celebration.

RPSV's team members and volunteers certainly rose to the occasion to make sure the holidays were sunny and bright for attendees. Our guests were so grateful that we did. It was our pleasure!

More new groups are coming in 2023. We are also doing a series of special events. Watch our website for more information!

To take part in this and/or any of our virtual groups, or our one-on-one Zoom chats (which are offered Monday through Friday from 6-9), please visit our website. See our latest calendar below for more information. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Join us for our first special event of the year

Email Basics

Friday, January 30, 2023, from 6-7 pm EST

Do you ever feel like the only person who doesn’t use email? You don’t have to feel left out. If you’re just getting started, you’ll see that with a little bit of practice, email is easy to understand and use.

RPSV is starting its new Digital Health series with an introduction to email basics. Join us!

This workshop is open to all. Please share freely.

Register Today!

Featured Article:

In Merrifield

(Merrifield Peer Recovery Center (MPRC):

At MPRC, we are finding that participants have been donating more than just good spirits! Altough we do not encourage participants to donate, several have been expressing their gratitude and trust in our services in the form of donations.

AW is no exception. He was motivated to donate to the center because of love, charity, compassion and the desire to help others. MPRC staff decided to interview AW to find out more information about his experiences in the center:

What do you appreciate the most about the Merrifield Peer Resource Center?

“Group dynamics, fellowship, the really good recovery information, and sharing in a group. Stuff like that.”

What do you mean by “fellowship”? What does “fellowship” mean to you?

“It is coming together as a group, sharing our hurts, joys, struggles, and supporting one another on a journey to wellness.”

What was the biggest “A-HA” moment during the process of coming here? What have you accomplished as a result of coming to MPRC?

“The friendliness and love I received inspired me to continue to come and as I participate, I am growing out of my addiction to nicotine, drugs, and negative thinking and into compassion, stability, and joyous living.”

Who do you think would benefit from coming to MPRC?

"Those who struggle with addiction. Those who struggle with making connections to community. Those who are lacking fellowship. Those who want to gain tools to overcome challenges with mental health and those who want a positive place to be."

Is there anything else you would like to share regarding your time here?

"Groups are very beneficial. Initially, coming to group, one might be shy, but learning how to freely speak in group is a process."

Thank you, AW, for your kind generosity to help others, and for your inspiring words! Keep up the great work on your journey. Your enthusiasm is infectious!

A New Year, A New Us!

We would like to share these quotes about all the wonderful possibilities that come with a new year and fresh beginnings. We encourage you to embrace them and go live the life of your dreams. We believe in you! If you need support, we are here for you.

See more inspiring quotes from Good Housekeeping here.

Finally, please remember to spread the word that RPSV needs Winter Items for the homeless and is collecting them now and throughout the season. You can learn more at rpsva.org or by emailing us today.

Thanks! We wish you a stellar 2023!

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