From Our Director
Our team is split this week between Shreveport, Baton Rouge, and Washington, D.C. as we prepare for a slew of events to mark the 43rd Anniversary of Roe v. Wade. 

Please pray for the more than 1,500 high school and college students heading to the March for Life in D.C. We will see almost all of them at our annual "Geaux Forth" event Thursday in Alexandria, Va. Watch our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages for live updates!

If you can't make the snow in D.C. this week, how about coming to one of the Louisiana Life Marches in Baton Rouge and Shreveport this weekend? Weather is forecast to be beautiful in both locations!

At the Life March South, you will have a chance to hear the story of my friend David Scotton. He has a powerful testimony about his life, adoption, and abortion. We have been working together for some time to make a film about his life, and David will be sharing some details. If you can't make it, more to come later!

For a Pro-Life Louisiana,
Benjamin Clapper
PULSE Weekends

Attention High Schoolers!

Register for the upcoming PULSE Weekend Immersions to become a stronger pro-life leader for your community!
In The News...
Deanna Wallace on NBC 33 in Baton Rouge
Planned Parenthood (PP) has sued the group that courageously released the undercover videos showing PP's practice of selling the parts of aborted babies.

Deanna Wallace, Louisiana Right to Life Legislative Director, was interviewed by NBC 33 in Baton Rouge. Check out the interview.

Wallace said, "This is just another attempt by Planned Parenthood to distract the American people from the fact that these undercover videos revealed the grisly nature of their abortion business."  
St.Tammany RTL
About 100 people attended St. Tammany Right to Life's annual breakfast earlier this month in Slidell, where Dr. Jim and Lin Holmes were presented the Michelle Gorney Award for Life.

Dr. Holmes accepted the award from his daughter and award namesake, Michelle Gorney. His wife, Lin, who has been ill, was unable to attend. The couple are longtime pro-life advocates in the city of Slidell.
Proudly Pro-Life
Rachel Campos-Duffey at Proudly Pro-Life Dinner
The NOLA Proudly Pro-Life Dinner was a big success last week with more than people coming out to honor the Louisiana Knights of Columbus and John Hauler.

Guests also had the treat to hear from Rachel Campos-Duffey about the real "war on women."

Gee, a Speaker, and Signs!
If you missed it, the last 10 days were full of activity on the policy front for Louisiana Right to Life.

DHH Secretary Appointment
First, we shared with you our sincere concerns about the new DHH Secretary, Dr Rebekah Gee.

Since that information was released, we met with Gov. John Bel Edwards, Chief of Staff Ben Nevers, and Dr. Gee at their request. Gov. Edwards reiterated his pro-life position and gave his commitment that Dr. Gee and his administration would govern in a manner that reflects his pro-life values.

We appreciate Gov. Edwards for reaching out to us and sharing this welcome information. As we have stated before, it is our intention to work with Gov. Edwards to protect life in Louisiana.

Louisiana Right to Life remains committed to analyzing all relevant appointments and policy decisions of all elected and appointed officials to ensure Louisiana continues to defend innocent human life. It is our duty as an organization to fulfill that commitment.

The Speaker of the House
and the State Senate
Rep. Taylor Barras and Ben Clapper
Rep. Taylor Barras was elected Speaker of the House in an unprecedented move last Monday. Our team was present to witness it. We believed it was important for the Speaker of the House to have a pro-life voting record, and Rep. Barras has a 100 percent pro-life voting record with Louisiana Right to Life. We look forward to working with him and are awaiting his decision on appointments to the House Health and Welfare Committee. We greatly appreciate the courageous actions of Rep. Cameron Henry and are thankful that Rep. Walt Leger reached out to us during the campaign.

On the Senate side, we were happy to learn that pro-life Rep. Fred Mills (R- Parks) was named Chair of the Senate Health and Welfare Committee. We look forward to working closely with him and his committee over the next four years.

The S igns on St. Charles
Last Monday I spoke with Mayor Mitch Landrieu, and he informed me that our banners on St. Charles Avenue would remain up until our permitted expiration date on Jan. 31. The city announced it is suspending further applications for streetlight banners while officials consider revisions to their policy.  

The "controversy" sparked by these banners was welcome news for us, as numerous articles and television stories included photos of the banners. Our hope is that the beautiful photo of the 19-week unborn baby girl on the banners reminded citizens that unborn babies are not just a blob of tissue. They are innocent human beings who deserve a shot at life just like humans who are already born.

We appreciate all the action that you took on these items above. Without your voice, the pro-life movement would not have been heard on these issues. Let's continue to remain vigilant as we progress forward to protect human life.

- Update Provided by Benjamin Clapper
March for Life With Us!
Will YOU march for the priceless value of life?

We need you to join us at one of the upcoming Louisiana Life March events. It is important that we send a strong message that the pro-life movement will take a stand even in the face of Planned Parenthood's grisly sale of baby body parts.

Saturday January 23rd
Life March in Shreveport ( Web | On FB)
Life March in Baton Rouge ( Web | On FB)

Saturday January 30th
Life March in Alexandria ( Web | On FB)

Please click the links above to learn all the details, including starting points, speakers, and more, for these family-friendly events.

T-shirts will be available
at the marches for $10!

Upcoming Events
February 12-14:
PULSE Weekend, BR

March 4-6: 
PULSE Weekend, Shreveport 
April 15-17: 
PULSE Weekend, BR 
April 29-May 1: 
PULSE Weekend, COV 
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