VEG’ers are not just sitting around twiddling their digits. The pandemic has not ended events. Instead, and very quickly, it has evolved them. Here is this week’s news in the world of events, brought to you by the VEG.
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Sundance: How Did They Do It?
Join us on May 27th to find out how Sundance Film Festival went virtual and created an unforgettable experience. Plus Special Guest Audrey Arbeeny, Owner and Emmy™ Award-Winning Executive Producer/Creative Director for Audiobrain, takes us on a tour of the enormous part audio plays in the life of a brand. Yes, we'll play with sound!
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A Few of Our Favorite Things to Geek Out With
  • Zoom Test Kitchen
    Every Friday at 3PM eastern time a bunch of Zoom master chefs gather on Facebook to discuss all things Zoom. Pros and newbies welcome. 

  • Office Hours
    @AlexLindsay has a long history of sharing his tech acumen. Of late, he’s guiding the world towards executing the techier side of Zoom virtual events with his Office Hours series. Alex and some very savvy friends discuss all things media production. Sign up for a session and prepare for a wildly informative ride. 

  • The Voice Den
    Dr. Teri Fisher, a doctor, drummer and all-round Renaissance guy hosts The Voice Den. He invites the top voicefluencers to join him on Crowdcast for a fast moving, rolicking show that’s filled with surprises (prizes too). The last show I saw featured a fabulous demo of C.L.Ai.R.A.. a synth human that uses both generative facial and AI language systems (GPT3) to create a remarkable digital likeness. Voice Den is open to all and spotlights the future of audio’s place in the virtual world. 
Community News
Welcome to three of our newest members: LoopedLive, OpenExchange and MAP Digital.
Special thanks to Videomine for working on our video project we'll be revealing next week.
Yes, we're building a community. Inquire about memberships.
  • Clubhouse Lets in the Android Riff Raff
    As iOS Clubhouse users reach the saturation point Clubhouse founders are finally opening the gates to Android users. The Clubhouse app, according to research company App Annie, had about 13.4 million users in late March, but new downloads are trending downward. Time to call in the Android users. Remember, it’s still invite only so Android and existing iOS members start co-mingling. And keep an eye on the Clubhouse accelerator program that’s paying talent in this pilot study

  • SONY and Discord 
    Many are betting that gaming will be the pillar of the next social web. Placing bets is Sony. They announced a partnership with Discord, the fast rising community platform. One feature they’ll be focusing on is building voice chat into Playstations. 

  • I Fought the Law and The Law Won
    The law has been trying to catch up to the virtual world forever, but 2020’s reliance on virtual has legal institutions hustling to keep pace. You can expect more focused attention on information governance in 2021. Courts have begun to address the preservation and collection of all forms of digital conversations: Slack posts, Zoom recordings, and Microsoft Teams chats and how they fit into the legal discovery process. Legal wonks can read about some of the more interesting cases on the dockets. 

  • When Jaime Dimon Says He’s Done 
    “I’m going to cancel all my Zoom meetings,” Dimon said in an interview with the Wall Street Journal. Zoom shares fell 4% upon his quote.
The Events World in Three Charts
More than hygiene and safety, contactless technologies and attendee engagement rise to the top of the event planner’s shopping list. 
(Source: Event Farm)
The technology stacks for virtual events and physical events are going to need to be unified as we revisit events in 2021. (Source: Skift)
Yup. We’ll cook more and eat better, but travel and events will be slower to recover. (Source: Deloitte)
Feel the need to stay up on the virtual events scene but have a few other to-dos on your list?
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