Although recent daylight savings makes our days feel shorter, there is no shortage of new technology and products that have risen to the top of our list of quality NMEA 2000® SOLUTIONS.

Since the advent of NMEA 2000 (yes it's been about 20 years!), we have made it our mission to search and evaluate products from across the globe designed to simplify onboard integration and operation of marine electronics.

We'd like to introduce you to Across Ocean Systems, a Canadian manufacturer of innovative NMEA 2000 products for the marine industry and custom-embedded electronic devices for
industrial customers.

NMEA 2000/NMEA 0183 Simulator/Analyzer
A first of its kind, the AOS NMEA simulator is a valuable tool for boat builders, installers, and dealers looking to simulate real devices on an NMEA 0183® or NMEA 2000® Bus or to analyze Bus messages. At a reasonable list price of $499, this is a product that will pay for itself...not to mention cut down on the time and expense of onboard testing, maintenance, and repair.

Setting up a reliable and convenient test environment is as simple as connecting one end of the USB cable to the hardware and the other end to a computer running Windows™ OS*. The simulator is USB powered and the NMEA 2000 network is galvanically isolated from the PC’s USB connection.

*Windows™ 7 or higher is recommended; Windows™ 10 will instantly find and install the drivers to emulate the serial port on your computer.


  • Define virtual devices and select messages joined to them
  • Virtual devices can send their device information periodically or on request as normal devices
  • If selected virtual devices also do address claiming
  • Possible to follow gpx track or route

Bus Traffic Operations:

Works as Bus listener:
  • Lists messages either in sequential mode or in list mode*, which separates messages by sender, PGN, and possible instance
  • Message highlighting for sequential messages makes it easier to follow messages
  • Message follow for sequential messages locks scrolling for specific message

*In both modes, supported messages can be shown/parsed

Special NMEA 2000 Commands:

  • Request for common and any PGNs
  • Group function request
  • Group function command
  • Address change command
  • Any message. User can type message in hex and send it once or periodically

AOS Manufactures a Complete Line of
NMEA 2000 Sensors
Customers looking to build a simple and efficient monitoring system will appreciate the flexibility and simplicity of AOS NMEA 2000 Sensors. Customize units to provide the exact data you want to monitor and easily expand the system in the future by
adding additional sensors.
Pressure Sensors

Measure fuel filter's negative pressure, turbo bust, transmission, hydraulics and many others.
Temperature Sensors

Measure extended ranges of temperature: fridge/freezer, engine room, stuffing gland, and even the engine exhaust gasses.
Tank Level Sensors

Based on pressure or ultrasonic measurements, sensors are available to report levels of holding tanks, water tanks, gray water tanks, hydraulic tanks, etc.

 All sensors are easily configured over Wi-Fi using a built-in web interface, eliminating the requirement for any external gateways or software. 
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