Gourmet Seeded Bread Is In High Demand

The new series of Bread molders along with the recently developed  Deco Seeder can produce a full range of gourmet hearth and Pan breads.. This full line of Bread equipment for industrial bakeries that want to produce signature loaves of bread including fully enrobed products with a wide variety of seeded toppings.  The Deco Seeder offers you high labor savings, minimum topping waste and superb uniformity of topping.  Suitable for all types of breads including Wheat, Rye and Organic Breads.

    The deco seeder features a seed reclamation/re-circulation system that allows maximum seed coverage with minimum  waste and handling.  The new BM series bread Molders have  independent drives for each set of sheeting rollers and a unique scraper design that allows you to sheet the product at a VERY high level.

Gourmet Seeded  
Pan Bread!