Safety Meetings - June 21, 2013 

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Safety Meetings


Why do we have safety meetings? Safety meetings are an opportunity for management and your safety department to communicate to employees how they can do their jobs safer. Topics discussed in safety meetings may be topics that you are familiar with, or topics that you have limited knowledge about. If the topic is something that you are familiar with, it may be easy to tune-out and not listen to the safety information presented. Information passed on in a safety meeting has a purpose to stop you or your co-worker from being injured. Safety meetings also allow employees an opportunity to relay safety and health concerns or improvement ideas to their supervisors.


Accidents Can Directly Affect You

Accidents result from unsafe acts or unsafe conditions. For a variety of reasons, unsafe acts typically account for 90% of all accidents according to experts. Safety meetings serve as a preventative measure against unsafe acts by educating employees on how they can do their  job safely.


Let's look at how can accidents directly affect you.

  1. DEATH- The ultimate unwanted result. Where does this leave your loved ones?
  2. FINANCIAL COST- Lost pay or reduction in pay. Who pays the bills? Are you the sole income producer in your household?
  3. PAIN & SUFFERING- An obvious detriment that no one desires.
  4. DISABILITY- A life changing experience. Now you're not able to do what you use to do.
    Maybe now you can't cast that fishing rod? Ride that bike, hug your wife, lift your child, or simply see? Or perhaps you're confined to a wheelchair. Good bye career.
  5. COMPETITIVENESS ON BIDDING JOBS- Other than payroll and benefits, worker' compensation insurance and accident costs may represent the bulk of a company's operating expense. When a company's operating expense increases, they are then less competitive to bid jobs. If your company is not awarded jobs, where does that leave you?
  6. YOUR CO-WORKERS SAFETY- Perhaps you and your co-worker have been working together for some time now. Chances are you may spend as much time with your co-workers than possibly your own family. Thus, you obviously do not want something bad to happen to them. Watch out for their safety too.

Gemini Energy Services is the premier independent service provider to the wind industry.  Safety is not just a philosophy at Gemini; it's our defining characteristic.  Whether Gemini technicians are driving to the project site or working on energized equipment in the hub, we strive for zero injuries.  Our proactive safety initiatives, which incorporate safety indoctrination, tailgate safety meetings, ongoing Personal Qualification Standards (PQS), a safety incentive program and completion of thorough Job Site Assessments, have resulted in an unblemished safety record.  We are confident that our colleagues in the wind industry share our commitment to safety and a zero-injury workplace.  


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