Winter Holiday Safety - November 25, 2013

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Keep Your Head in the Game 

The Winter Holidays are a special time when families and friends gather to celebrate the magic of this festive season.  The sound of holiday music, the excitement over plans with friends and family can create an environment that distracts us from our daily work routines. The holidays are a persistent bright spot on our already overcommitted calendars. While this season can be a magical time, it is also a challenge. 


Stay mindful of the potential hazards and dangers in the workplace that can bring unwanted tragedy to our lives.  As we celebrate, let's remain diligent in our efforts to protect our safety and health.  It's quite easy to lose focus on matters that may seem routine.  During times like this, our thoughts are frequently elsewhere rather than on important duties you may be performing.  Try to maintain your focus on safety and the task at hand.


While we may be in the midst of one of the happiest times of the year, the holidays present a new set of risks related to either preparing our homes for entertaining or traveling the increasingly congested roadways. For these reasons and the many distractions, I ask that you be particularly observant of the roadways and your surroundings.


Expect a great number of travelers on the roadways throughout the holiday season.  Include delays when planning your travel time, know your route, check your vehicles, get plenty of rest and drive defensively.


Plan your route before you get on the road.  Check for things like weather, construction, or severe traffic that may force you to detour from your normal path (in which case it would be good to have a GPS or map handy).  Don't let heavy traffic, impolite drivers or the possibility of being late stress you out.  Remain calm, obey all traffic laws, and get to your destination safely.

Always have a plan. Have fun and relax, but use good judgment. If you choose to drink alcoholic beverages, appoint a designated driver and never drink and drive.


Keep your head in the game and be safe!


Gemini Energy Services is the premier independent service provider to the wind industry.  Safety is not just a philosophy at Gemini; it's our defining characteristic.  Whether Gemini technicians are driving to the project site or working on energized equipment in the hub, we strive for zero injuries.  Our proactive safety initiatives, which incorporate safety indoctrination, tailgate safety meetings, ongoing Personal Qualification Standards (PQS), a safety incentive program and completion of thorough Job Site Assessments, have resulted in an unblemished safety record.  We are confident that our colleagues in the wind industry share our commitment to safety and a zero-injury workplace.  


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