Tahoe is a place of massive scale: the Lake, the mountains, the natural beauty – and the resources needed to protect and preserve it all. 

In 2000, the first Lake Tahoe Restoration Act (LTRA) was passed, which appropriated an enormous pool of federal funding – $300 million – to repair and revitalize Tahoe’s unique natural environment. In 2016, Congress passed the second LTRA, unlocking an additional $415 million. However, only 14% of that pot has been appropriated (or delivered) to date. Now, a bicameral, bipartisan group of legislators is pushing for the 2016 LTRA to be extended to 2034. With the extension in place, the remaining funds can be tapped and critical environmental projects can continue.
So much of the League's work to Keep Tahoe Blue happens far from Tahoe’s shores. In legislative offices and virtual meeting rooms in Carson City, Sacramento, and Washington D.C., our team of policy professionals lobbies, negotiates, and advocates for the Lake we love. 
President Obama at the 2016 Lake Tahoe Summit.
The 1997 Tahoe Presidential Summit paved the way for the 2000 LTRA.
From the League’s earliest days, our top priority has been securing policies and funding to protect the entire Tahoe Basin – regardless of political boundaries. Our work pays off. Funding from the 2000 LTRA alone has launched more than 250 environmental improvement projects for Tahoe. You can find some of them here.

With the reauthorization of the LTRA, the League and our public, private, and nonprofit colleagues can press ahead with their projects – projects that reduce the threat of wildfire, improve water clarity, tackle invasive species, and restore the Tahoe Basin’s unique natural environment. The intensifying effects of climate change make our advocacy, the LTRA, and the projects they make possible more important than ever.

The Lake and its threats are changing. Our commitment never will. Support the League’s advocacy work, and together, we will Keep Tahoe Blue.
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