Climate change is having big impacts on Big Blue, and the future will bring even more. But it can be hard to grasp how the changes will be felt at Lake Tahoe. Can we enjoy the Lake, the meadows and the mountains in the same way we do now? Is Tahoe's ecosystem prepared for the changes?

Our collaborators at the California Tahoe Conservancy put together a multimedia ‘story map’ to help answer those questions.
We know a lot about how Tahoe's future will look with climate change, but not everything the Caldor Fire made that clear. We're turning this crisis into an opportunity to learn and make sure Tahoe is resilient.
In the early stages of the Caldor Fire, the League provided funding for a rapid response scientific study to understand how smoke and ash impact the Lake. The lessons learned will be used to ensure Tahoe is better prepared for the next climate change-fueled wildfire.

Your donations made the critical scientific research possible. Thank you.
Wildfire ash collection at Lake Tahoe.
Photo: UNR Global Water Center.
We're working to make Tahoe resilient to all climate change impacts, not just wildfire. That includes securing funding for forest management, advancing the pace and scale of ecosystem restoration, and empowering the public to become citizen scientists. But so much more needs to be done. 

We’re glad to have you with us as we work to Keep Tahoe Blue today and for generations to come.
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